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Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm    

  129 59, Jalan Tapah, Brinchang, 39000, Brinchang, Pahang |   019-575 3867
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4.1   (1,472)


Raju Hill is one of the well known strawberry farms in the area. Entrance is for free and visitors can get a free tour of the strawberry field and the actual processing plant, which is one of the most remarkable sights of Pahang.

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What to Expect?

Raaju's Hill is a strawberry farm and cafe perched on a ridgetop at Kea Farm, situated along the main road opposite the entrance of Equatorial Resort about 3km north of Brinchang town. A popular tourist attraction on weekends, the farm offers strawberry picking by weight or fresh strawberries sold at a counter daily.

The cafe has an extended dining deck suitable for large groups, with a selection of pastries, cakes, shakes, waffles and ice cream from the menu. Nestled on top the building is also a small roof terrace that overlooks the rainforest emanating from Gunung Brinchang - visitors can bring their tea and snacks here to enjoy the view around picnic tables.

Visitors can easily roam about to experience the delightful sights of plantations and enjoy their fresh preparations, checking out a few interesting local products at the gift shop inside the farm.

For its high-quality strawberries in the lush green farms, Raju HIll Strawberry Farm has become a popular site of Pahang for everyone who visits Cameron Highlands.

You can show your appreciation to the tour by purchasing products that were processed right in the farm. The prices in the strawberry farms are really cheap so that you can practically shop for most things.

Overall this is a smaller set-up compared to the other farms in the area, but Raju Hill is famed for having some of the best strawberry desserts. From strawberry tarts, ice-creams, milkshakes, cakes to strawberries dipped in chocolate syrup and powdered with icing sugar, the small cafe set up next to the farm is always bustling with people.

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 Address:   129 59, Jalan Tapah, Brinchang, 39000, Brinchang, Pahang

Facebook Page

019-575 3867

Everyday 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM
  Reviews 4.1   (1,472)
  • image

    Wye Tan

    in the last week

    Strawberry plucking 0.5kg a basket now costs RM40. Still fun to do with family. Plucking done at farm slightly uphill. No guide, just choose the prettiest ones. The slope at the farm can be steep, coz just brown soil. After weighing, do your own washing of strawberries at a common basin outside. (just 1 basin). Then at a cafe next door, if you want chocolate to go with strawberry, they sell in jar (like strawberry jar) at RM15. Ask for your own plates, ask for spoon. Strawberry is perfect with sweet chocolate.

  • image

    Asha Kaloo

    in the last week

    Fun place. Good strawberries. Kids loved getting to choose their own strawberries. Especially enjoyed the vanilla ice cream with homemade strawberry sauce and the strawberry milkshakes.

  • image

    Milaa Thedimplequeen

    3 months ago

    The strawberries are fresh.. But the only problem is you guys have to take a walk about 10 minutes from the gate to reach the picking point.. It was like going on a hiking.. Plus the rows are extremely small which makes us very uncomfortable to pick the strawberry... But however it's a nice place

  • image

    Cole Yap

    4 months ago

    We had a great time at this 3rd generation family-run establishment - Definitely returning!

    Initially uncle had closed the strawberry picking area early because of previous customers being demanding and rude about the size and quantity of strawberries available, which are understandably smaller and less plentiful during the rainy season. We assured him we wouldn't mind and ended up with a basket full of smaller but still sweet fruits and an overall wonderful experience.

    Sweetness of the fruit depends on your ability to pick only the ripe ones - Go for dark reds with no green or whitish bits.

    The amount you pick and what's available for sale at the counter (by weight) is the same, which is fair. The family does their best to provide good service which we found to be friendly and laidback. They gladly let us eat the strawberries we just plucked with additional cream, sugar, and honey (RM5.00).

  • image

    Ambika R

    5 months ago

    Quite expensive to enter the strawberry picking part but the place is chill and not so crowded. You can use the scissors and baskets provided and pick up a tonne of fresh and good quality strawberries. Can also eat the strawberries you picked with chocolate at the end.

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