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Welcome to
Petit Go Malaysia!
We carefully curated all the fun places for you - from parks to mother nature. Start discovering and exploring places you never knew existed!

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Amazing Summit View on Top of this Mountain!

This is an iconic mountain in Rembau district of Negeri Sembilan, that is 884m high (2900ft). About a good 2-hour ascent, it’s a popular one-day hiking destination, with an amazing unobstructed 360-degree view of the Straits of Melaka at the summit.

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Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur - Be Amazed and Captivated!

With over 70 exhibits and illusionary and interactive rooms and 40+ dilemma games to take on in their playroom, this place has it all! Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur is on a mission to impress their visitors with their mastery work of illusion!

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10 Parks to Visit During Your Trip to Penang

Parks are probably not high on your itinerary list when it comes to Penang, but you would be surprised the Pearl of the Orient does have some beautiful and well maintain recreational park and natures to offer. Check them out here.

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Banting - A Day Trip Guide to ALL Fun Spots

Think Banting is just another outskirt district with nothing attractive? Well think again. Banting has several unique attractions that would make up a very good day trip with your family. It is a short drive away if you are staying in Klang Valley. Check out here!

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Sekinchan: The Pocket Travel Guide

Looking to visit Sekinchan? Here's a pocket guide to places you should visit!

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Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park - a beautiful park with historical value and rehabilitated canal

The 2.53-acre Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park is a rejuvenated and rehabilitated park that serves as a green lung in the middle of Georgetown. Surrounded by trees, shrubs and bushes, the beautiful community park has significant historical value because of its location, canal and market hall.

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Bukit Jugra - Paragliding on top of the hill with spectacular Langat river view

Jugra Hill's undulating terrain, low-rise elevation and scenic views make it an excellent spot for outdoor activities such as hiking and paragliding. The summit offers a breathtaking view of the Langat river and the unique landscape around it.

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Pulau Kukup - National park and one of largest mangrove islands in the world

Located at the Southernmost tip of Asia, Pulau Kukup is one the largest uninhabited mangroves in the world and is the only one situated in Johor waters. The island turns into a national park where visitors can take a 1 to 1.5 hours walk to navigate through the mangrove and observe wildlife on the island.

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Putuo Village, the spiritual sanctuary for every soul seeker

Hidden in the southern part of Malaysia - Kulai Johor, located in a lush Bamboo Forest is a spiritual sanctuary for every soul seeker. Putuo Village is the cultural place where nature, bright colours compound lightens up the whole village into an instaworthy destination for all!

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Pantai Penarik Beach - a long beach with swaying coconut trees along rustic sleepy fishing kampungs

Pantai Penarik is one of the key attractions of what Terrenganu's fine coast line has to offer. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Terengganu that is dotted with hundreds of swaying coconut trees and rustic sleepy fishing kampungs. Serene and breathtakingly beautiful, the beach stretches for miles.

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Pantai Batu Laut Beach

4.2   (586)

A west coast sleeper beach in Tanjong Sepat, along the shores of the Strait of Malacca. Not too far away from Morib beach, this is a quiet beach to stop by for a relaxation.

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SplashMania WaterPark

3.9   (637)

Home to 39 exhilarating slides and attractions, Splash Mania water park opens its door to families and thrill seekers of all kinds.

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Kek Lok Si Temple

4.5   (9,522) ICONIC

Built since the year 1891, Kek Lok Si Temple situated in the island of Penang, Malaysia, is one of the largest and finest temples complexes in Southeast Asia.

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Subang Ria Recreational Park / Parc Hub

4.1   (1,200) POPULAR

A large park with tranquil lakes that serves as a green lung of Subang Jaya town.

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Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest

4.5   (2,212) POPULAR

Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest (Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk) is an iconic mountain in Rembau district of Negeri Sembilan, that is 884m high (2900ft). It’s a popular one-day hiking destination, with an amazing unobstructed 360-degree view of the Straits of Melaka at the summit.

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Museum Of Illusions Kuala Lumpur

4.4   (1,117) POPULAR

It is a fascinating world of illusions! Meseum of Illussions KL lets you engage in over 80 astonishing and mind-bending exhibits that will leave you puzzled and impressed at the same time!

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Aspen Vision City Central Island Park

4.1   (514)

Visiting Ikea Batu Kawan? Make sure to drop by this beautiful 25-acre Garden park, themed with 4 seasons of flora and fauna. It serves as the green lung of Aspen Vision City, and a great place for Batu Kawan visitors to unwind.

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G2G Animal Garden

4.3   (2,610) POPULAR

G2G Animal Garden is the second petting zoo in the outskirt of Seri Kembangan district. This is a family-friendly petting zoo, and thereby an ideal destination for animal lovers, families, and those who wish to experience the joys of animal therapy!

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MSekin Wonderland

4.0   (428)

Sekinchan's first ever Water Park, offering splashing and cooling fun for all ages. If you are a family with kids visiting Sekinchan, be sure to consider this a stop to cool down your trip with outdoor pools and indoor playgrounds to keep children engaged.

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Pantai Senok Beach

4.3   (2,876) POPULAR

Pantai Senok in Bachok, Kelantan is a popular spot among locals. It's well-known for its scenic, with pine trees-lined paths by the seaside. Forestry Department and some relevant parties planted the trees few years back and the trees are all grown matured and tall now. Some people called this Pantai Senok as Malaysia's version "Nami Island" which is located in Korea.

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