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Taman Jaya Park    

  1, Jalan 10/7, Taman Jaya, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor | Visit Website
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4.2   (2,932)


A clean and well-kept lake park that serves as the ideal location for locals to spend a few leisurely hours unwinding and relaxing.

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Tags: Lake Picnic Cycling

What to Expect?

Being the first recreational lake gardens in the city of Petaling Jaya, Taman Jaya sees numbers of visitors everyday who flock in to spend a few hours jogging or exercising or to simply catch up with friends or sit back and have a good time.

The park also provides delightful views of the surrounding greenery and the Taman Jaya Lake, where fishing is possible. A community aerobics session conducted by instructors is also held at the park area from time to time. Though the park area is especially scenic during the night, day visits are recommended over late night visits.
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 Address:   1, Jalan 10/7, Taman Jaya, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Visit Website

Everyday 24 hours


Cycling Tracks

Comes with bicycle lanes for some family cycling fun

Jogging Track

Jogging track for parents too

  Reviews 4.2   (2,932)
  • image

    Zachary Rose

    3 months ago

    Taman Jaya in Selangor provides a serene retreat with its picturesque walking trails, shaded spaces, and charming gazebos. There's also a large lake but access is currently closed. It's an ideal spot for relaxation and exercise

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    9 months ago

    A popular park often occupied by the nearby residents and students.

    Can see people line dancing, exercising, jogging, picnicking, and even fishing in this park.

    There’s a lake in the park.

    Parking is free during weekend thanks to the state government.

    One round of walking is around 2000 steps.

  • image

    Sarah Lam

    10 months ago

    *Parking: Many parking lots
    *Toilet: Free; Located behind the food stall; It's new renovated toilets, so still very clean; There's staff to clean up the toilets
    *Foods stall: There's stall selling foods & beverage, with many tables & chairs
    *Gazebo: A very big & clean gazebo with long stone stool which can fit in many many ppls; There's cabinet with many 2nd hand books that donated by public
    *Playground: Two, one big & one smaller; Majority of the area covered by trees, so less hot under sun
    *Gym area: Many gym equipments & still in good condition
    *Muzium Petaling Jaya: Free entrance; Just located beside the big gazebo

  • image

    elliza a.rahim

    11 months ago

    While there's a whole lot of remedial works being planned for the lakeside, there's still quite a bit to enjoy in this modest urban park. Nice shaded paths, skate arena, reading pavilion, play areas and exercise stations are all in good working order. There's even a little museum about the history of Petaling Jaya. The restrooms are clean and there's plenty of pleasant picnic areas. All in all a good place to get in 10,000 steps while waiting for Ah Girl to finish her Softball game.

  • image

    Chairiel Azizi

    a year ago

    A big and spacious park. Have 2 playground for children to play with. But the sidewalk besides the lake is really in poor condition and a lot of them is dangerous to be walk on especially for the children. Despite that, there are still many angler fishing there. Nevertheless, you can get good shots around the lake and building. It is a good place to jog, brisk walking and having leisure activities with your friends and families. There is also a museum tonshow the history of Petaling Jaya.

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