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Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm    

  Teluk Sengat, Kota Tinggi, Johor, 81920, Ayer Tawar 2, Johor, Teluk Sengat, 81900, Ayer Tawar, Johor |   07-895 5220
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4.1   (865)


There are more than 1,000 crocodiles being raised in this Crocodile Farm. Established in the year of 1979, this place exhibits the reptiles and educates visitors about their biology, breeds, habitat, behaviors and conservative efforts.

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Tags: Animals

What to Expect?

Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm is located in the town of Seluk Sengat, Kota Tinggi in the Johor region. It is considered to be the largest crocodile farm in the peninsular of Malaysia. The Crocodile Farm is housing as much as 1000 saltwater crocodiles at last count. The saltwater crocodiles are also being known as Crocodylus porosus.

Visitor can find a rare crocodile as old as 100 years. During certain time slots there will be a feeding routine and shows where visitor can witness the vicious diet behavior of the reptiles. Patrons also get to experience a close encounter with the babies croc. You are allowed to hold them and touch them under the supervision of the caretaker.

Visitors also have a chance in watching the crocodile keeper feeding the crocodiles with their fast and dangerous actions. Apart from all those old crocodiles, you get to experience a one to one time with the babies croc. Visitors are allowed to hold them and touch them under the supervising of the caretaker. Moreover, there are souvenirs sold in the crocodile farm.

Crocodiles with disabilities are cared for at the farm in their own separate cement pond. Some were born without tails, with cleft palate, or suffered injuries later in life. Whatever their disability, they will have a safe place to live out their lives on the farm.

You can also sample the Crocodile satay if you are up for it! There is also a souvenirs shop in the crocodile farm.

A visit to the crocodile farm at Teluk Sengat is entertaining and educational. It is a great opportunity for individuals or families to learn more about these amazing creatures and to interact with them in a very hands-on way.
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 Address:   Teluk Sengat, Kota Tinggi, Johor, 81920, Ayer Tawar 2, Johor, Teluk Sengat, 81900, Ayer Tawar, Johor

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07-895 5220

Everyday 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM
  Reviews 4.1   (865)
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    3 weeks ago

    Enjoyed my visit. Had some new renovations in place. Had some renovations ongoing. Plenty of huge crocodiles to see. Feeding time was super interesting to witness. Felt that I couldn’t see the crocodiles for some of the enclosures. The design could be better. Maybe use some glass or metal grilles as some of the crocodiles were lying in such a way that I couldn’t see them. Some of the concrete slits in the wall were to small to get a good view and the walls were too high. Otherwise it was a good visit. Will go again! :)

  • image

    Nicholas Sua

    2 months ago

    Interest place to look around. Place is well kept but nothing much to see except same crocs (of different ages) again and again. Only interesting part would be the feeding of dead chickens. I would go if I haven been there before. But only once

  • image

    Kwek Hansiong

    4 months ago

    While the farm needs to be detour from a trip to desaru, this stop never become my “not coming back” list. My kids enjoyed a lot and information are educational. Will come back again!

  • image

    Rajasingam Thuraisamay

    5 months ago

    Came here for the 3rd time with friends who are very interested to see crocodiles. This place is perfect if you love crocodiles. You can handle baby crocodiles and buy some souvenirs for your collection or friends at their shops.

  • image

    Serene Ng

    7 months ago

    Ticket was priced at rm8/adult (local).
    Crocodiles are there, small and huge, but looks sad and abandoned, especially those that have a broken arm/foot or rotten body parts.
    Place was under renovation so more than half was closed / covered by sheets whilst the workers were painting the walls as visitors were walking by.
    No shows or attractions, seems like they used to have chicken baits to lure the crocodiles to jump up the water. But now the cottage on higher grounds are abandoned and the threads look mouldy, surviving through day and night under all weathers.
    Also no guided tours unlike the last time I was here (it was a weekday and there’s only two of us was there, staffs were definitely more than visitors).
    It has an outdoor toilet and an eatery outside its souvenir shop; but when asked of hot food the menu seems unavailable. Hence can only get the overpriced cold drinks from the refrigerator.
    Overall it is ok to drop by for first timer, would recommend if there was no renovation ongoing, only if you have a car here as the location is kind of distant from the town and has nothing else in the vicinity.

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