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4.3   (3,182)


Located in Jalan Tambun (near Ipoh Turf Club), the park is well surrounded by the majestic raintrees. The lush greenery and natural surroundings provide a peaceful environment for nature lovers and local residents to relax and spend some quality time with their families.

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Tags: Cycling

What to Expect?

Sultan Abdul Azuz Recreation Park or called fondly by locals as Polo Ground caters to the needs of young and old, sporty or not. It has a par course that boasts of full equipment, and several children play areas. Ample parking and lush green that keeps the crowd coming each day rain or shine, dawn to dusk.

The park is also well known for its jogging tracks, for its well paved tracks and scenery with joggers spotted frequently in the park.

It has complete amenities from child playground, large field, and mobile food traders. The park is generally well maintained by the council and recommended for a quick visit if you are in the vicinity.

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Look Around


 Address:   Jalan Brash, 30350, Ipoh, Perak

Visit Website

05-506 0089

Everyday 24 hours



Complete playground facilities for the kids

Cycling Tracks

Comes with bicycle lanes for some family cycling fun

Jogging Track

Jogging track for parents too

  Reviews 4.3   (3,182)
  • image

    Choi Peng FOONG

    3 weeks ago

    Nice recreation park. Everybody hv their respective agenda...relaxing by walking, jogging, dancing, families gathering, exercising,....etc. May b shud hv a bigger and concrete building with d stage to organise big gathering sporty programmes. ??????

  • image

    Eva Leong

    3 months ago

    I love this park and going for my evening walk/jog here but some parts of the park are not maintained. The jogging track that circles around the pond for one is slightly uneven and bumpy due to tree roots growing from underneath.

    Although there are street lamps around the whole park, not all of them are lit when the sun sets. I really enjoy the coolness of the park come evening, unfortunately the track that is inside of the park isn’t lit and it’s rather secluded. As much as I’d like to continue jogging/walking after the sun sets, I have to cut it short once it gets too dark ?

    On the positive, I look forward to these guys hanging around the edge of the pond every time ?

  • image

    Paul Goh

    6 months ago

    nice outdoor park with outdoor gym for body weight workout/calisthenics, running track, etc.

  • image

    Wang Zi

    11 months ago

    I loved everything about the park. Mainly came here to play roller skating with my friends. But I was so jealous looking at the kid’s rides that was awesome..hahaha very lively place. All the rides were clean and in very good condition. The roller skate management team is one of the best teams i’ve seen in Malaysia. They were all around fantastic!! Friendly, respectful, super super polite, safety at all times and gives you a quick training on playing too.

    All the blades were new looking, comfortable and comes with new socks. The staffs takes care of you from helping you to wear the shoes to make sure you are protected with knee pads to taking them off when you are done. Best service ever!! Thanks guys! You are so so professional!

  • image

    HarnGuu Teh

    a month ago

    It's a very big recreational park. It's probably not worth the perfect score of 5, but it's definitely one of the best in Ipoh. It has a huge field, it has cement areas, it has a big playground, it has exercise equipment, it has long and short tracks for jogging and breeze walking. It has nice ponds and big trees. You will see people exercising early in the morning. Every evening, there will also be big crowds. On weekends, the crowd could get bigger. Family outings. For the kids to run around. You can play balls, fly kites, ride bikes... There are food stalls normally during the evening periods, mostly Malay food. At the side of the field, there are usually someone who sell toys like kites, bubble guns, balls.

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