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4.5   (505)


A 85 Acres Central Park with beautifully landscaped jogging and cycling tracks surrounding a lake, and nicely equipped with children playground

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Tags: Lake Cycling

What to Expect?

A belt of greenery 85 acres long, the central park is rich in flora and fauna, and is traversed by a 7km-long trail for you to go jogging, walking or cycling.

Taking centre stage in Tropicana Aman, this park houses a biologically-diverse range of habitats for a sustainable circle of life.

Take a leisurely stroll alongside glittering pools. Take a relaxing bike ride to the blooming central park or to visit neighbours. Tropicana Aman park is artfully designed to reacquaint you with all the alluring attributes of Nature.


Trails - Walking, biking and reflexology paths connect all points of interest

Streams & creeks - The central park is criss-crossed with wandering ribbons of water

Pavilions - Marquees dot the landscape, convenient places for socialising and relaxing

Foliage - Greenery surrounds the grounds of the central park

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Look Around


 Address:   Jalan Bukit Komandol, 41200, Selangor



Complete playground facilities for the kids

Cycling Tracks

Comes with bicycle lanes for some family cycling fun

Jogging Track

Jogging track for parents too

  Reviews 4.5   (505)
  • image

    Latifah Mohd Najib

    in the last week

    All is good. But it is better if the open car parks have a parking demarcation or RELA to control the car parks. There are some people who are so selfish and block the traffic circulation just to park their car. And it is better if this lake has a public toilet to use.

  • image

    Ahmad Sharir Rizal

    a month ago

    Lots of things to play here. Sofar there are 2 playgrounds that i know of. There are jogging tracks connecting them and it takes 5km to and from any playground.
    If u have leftover/stale bread do bring along to feed the fishes there.

  • image

    Anas Alwi

    a month ago

    Had a chance to run around Tropicana Aman East Lake Central Park and experienced the joy of running one loop around this picturesque park. Nestled within the beautiful Tropicana Aman East Lake community, this park offers an ideal retreat for both exercise enthusiasts and those seeking a serene atmosphere to spend quality time with family and friends.

    One of the park's standout features is the presence of charming huts scattered around the area. These huts provide an excellent space to gather with loved ones while enjoying the company of each other and feeding the fish that reside in the park's serene waters. It's a heartwarming experience, especially for families, as children can interact with nature and learn about certain aquatic life.

    The park's location also makes it an exceptional spot to witness stunning sunsets and sunrises. Whether you prefer the vibrant hues of the evening sky or the tranquil beauty of dawn, Tropicana Aman East Lake Central Park offers the perfect vantage point to admire these natural spectacles. The peaceful ambiance and captivating views make it an ideal setting for photography enthusiasts or those seeking a moment of tranquility amidst their busy lives.

    For fitness enthusiasts, this park is a paradise. With a well-maintained path spanning approximately 4-5 kilometers, it offers ample space for walking, jogging, or even leisurely strolling. The lush greenery, complemented by the calming presence of the lake, provides a refreshing and invigorating backdrop for any workout routine. Whether you're a beginner looking for a leisurely walk or an avid runner seeking a challenging course, Tropicana Aman East Lake Central Park accommodates all levels of fitness.

    During my run, I appreciated the park's impeccable cleanliness and the meticulous attention given to its maintenance. The well-manicured gardens and well-paved paths exemplify the commitment to providing visitors with a top-notch recreational experience. The park's accessibility and ample parking facilities further enhance its appeal, making it convenient for both residents and visitors to enjoy its offerings.

    Overall, my experience at Tropicana Aman East Lake Central Park left me thoroughly impressed. Its combination of natural beauty, family-friendly amenities, and fitness-friendly environment makes it an ideal destination for a variety of occasions. Whether you're looking for an active workout session, a peaceful spot to unwind, or a place to connect with loved ones amidst nature, this park has it all. I highly recommend a visit to Tropicana Aman East Lake Central Park for a memorable and rejuvenating experience.

  • image

    Bob SR

    5 months ago

    Great place for workouts, cycling, running or walking. Just be aware of the stray dogs, and it will often get flooded if it rained the night before. Oh yea, there's no public restrooms available, so be prepared.

  • image

    S .Shafariana

    8 months ago

    Loved this park. You can get almost 4-5km by just running 1 loop at this park.
    There are 2 playgrounds here, the central/east lake and west lake. They build it suitable for age 3 until teenagers to play.

    There's also few huts around the park where you can gather with families and friends while feeding the fish.
    Different types of fish in the pond that usually kids will feed them with fish pallets or breadcrumbs.

    Parking is available at two areas, central/east lake and west lake but usually the central/east lake will be full on the weekend and people will park at west lake.

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