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Hulu Tamu Hot Springs    

  Hulu Tamu, 44300, Selangor |   013-336 1512
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4.0   (688)


Hulu Tamu Hot Spring is a modest natural hot spring about seven KM from Batang Kali town in the Hulu Selangor district of Selangor State.

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What to Expect?

Located in the Hulu Selangor district, the Hulu Tamu Hot Spring is often visited by locals. Hot water from the underground springs is believed by some to have medicinal value, especially in cures for skin ailments and rheumatism. A visit to the Hulu Tamu hot springs will also bring the visitor through some of the traditional villages in the state as well as rubber and oil palm plantations. During the fruit season, visitors could buy various fruits from the nearby Hulu Tamu orchards.

The Hulu Tamu Hot Springs, which underwent a major refurbishment in 2015, is managed by Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor (Hulu Selangor District Council), who have envisioned it as a hydrotherapy facility center.

There are several pools (hot, medium, cool), gazebos, walkways and free parking as well as basic changing rooms and toilet facilities here.

The facilities here have been upgraded by the district council with the addition of concrete shelters and gazebos and by encasing the spring pool with concrete walls. The pool is divided into two sections, one with the naturally hot spring water and the other with cooler water suitable for swimming and paddling.

The environment is clean and tidy and the gardens have been landscaped.

Price/entrance fees

Entry to Kolam Air Panas Hulu Tamu used to be free-of-charge. However, the district council now implements entrance fees that go towards the upkeep of the place.

Adult: RM3.00. Children below 12 years: Free.
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 Address:   Hulu Tamu, 44300, Selangor

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013-336 1512

  Reviews 4.0   (688)
  • image

    Agnes Ip

    2 months ago

    Environment is acceptable. Cleanliness is considered ok. Private pool is RM 60 per hour which is I recommended if you really want whole body. Non private only can soak legs.

  • image

    Siti Jasiah Jasmi

    7 months ago

    Nice surroundings with natural landscape..newly renovated hot spring pool with private section too (sorry not in time to snap picture) No outside food allowed. Ticket priced from rm15 & different rate for private section. Parking available nearby the pool. I came here for my school family day. Great!

  • image


    11 months ago

    Was invited to this place by friends on August 24, 2022.

    As I was allergic to hot spring water so I didn't use the pools. The photos I took of the pools belong to the private section booked by my friend which cost RM 200 for 2 hours. It has a single changing and shower room. The rest of the other pools in this place is open to the public.

    The kids had fun in the normal swimming pool while nine of just soaked our feet in the small hot spring pool. The shade was not able to shield us from the heat from the setting afternoon sun so it was very uncomfortable that some of our friends had to use umbrellas while using the hot spring pool.

    This section provides the privacy for private association but the hot spring pool was just too small for our crowd of more than 10. It was more comfortable for just 5 fellows.

  • image


    11 months ago

    Really loved this place, a great place for relaxing after a hike or just to spend a few hours, be careful tho some of the hot springs a seriously hot, luckily you can cool down in the swimming pool, best days to visit are definitely the weekdays when there are hardly any people there.

  • image

    Sugu Win

    a month ago

    It's very nicely arrange our from busy area... For family gathering it's nice place... I like it...

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