Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest (Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk) is an iconic mountain in Rembau district of Negeri Sembilan,

It is located in the Hutan Simpan Tampin (Tampin Forest Reserve), and is a hill dipterocarp forest with an elevation of 884m (2900ft), making it slightly higher than nearby Gunung Angsi which is around 22km away.

Getting There

It is about 100km from Kuala Lumpur and 50km from Melaka, 10 kilometre from Tampin town through Tampin - Seremban road, and 35 kilometre from Seremban town.

it’s a popular one-day hiking destination for city folks due it is proximity from these cities.

Its forest is rich in flora and fauna and climbers will love the Gunung Datuk (Mount Datuk), standing at 880 meter above sea level. A spectacular view awaits those who are willing to take a three-hour hike up the mountain.

Climbing Requirement:

It is a moderately strenuous physical effort to go all the way up. The hiking is likely not suitable for children under 8, and certainly not for toddlers - mainly due to several stretches that requires ladder climbing.

Though climbing Gunung Datuk is well worth the effort. From the bottom, you would go through path nestled with thick forest, and once the path emerges from the thick jungle, hikers are rewarded with excellent views and a cooling breeze.

The starting point of the climb is probably less than 80m above sea level meaning that the actual height climbed is a solid 800m or so.

It normally takes about 2 hours to reach the top and somewhat less coming down.

The Hike:

The starting point of the trek is at the recreational forest Gunung Datuk. Visitors can find a registration counter and toilet facilities. Visitor won't miss the color rainbow stairways that marks the start of the ascent.

Each climber would have to pay RM5 for the entrance.

Some local food stalls may be found at the car park during the weekends to cater for the visitors to the hill.

A flight of stairs that goes down to a stream marks the start of the trail. There is a small dam that runs across the stream which you can walk on to get across without getting wet.

A short walk along relatively undulating terrain brings you to a steeper ground. The steep ascent seems endless and can be physically taxing. However, after about half an hour to an hour of trekking, the terrain gives way to gentler section that will bring you to the false summit.

Climbers would pass by few enormous tropical tree with massive buttress roots, that poses as a great photo opportunity.

There are a lot of interesting fauna and flora, and rock formation to observe along the ascent.

The Amazing Summit

The distance to the summit is relatively short and a fit individual can easily reach the top in about 1 ~ 2 hour. The huge rocks forming the summit presents an exciting challenge at the end of the forest trek.

There are some ropes and ladders to help you get to the top. If there are many visitors, you may have to wait for your turns to get to the summit. Some trekkers choose to start the trek before sunrise1 to avoid the crowd and to catch the sunrise from the summit.

On top of the boulders, you will already be rewarded with some astonishing views. On a clear-weathered day, you could see even the Straits of Malacca without going to the peak, but there are still some tress which may construct part of the view.

The final “obstacle” to the peak is a two-storey high boulder, again with metal ladders installed for assistance. This set of ladders are even shakier than the earlier ones, but rest assured that it is pretty much safe. Climbers are advised to take their own risk though.

A summit with a 360 degrees view of the surrounding landscape, a rewarding sight at the end of a short and intensive trek.

On a cloudy day, the lucky climbers can also witness an amazing sea of clouds, which is quite a view to behold.

You can camp!

Not too far from the summit, there was an empty space clearing that is large enough for about four tents and it is suitable for camping.
There are also some climbers who spend a night without tent - though be wary of the weather and temparature before you take this advanturous decision.


Very few mountain summits in Peninsula Malaysia can match that of Gunung Datuk. The hike was short but relatively strenuous. But the unobstructed 360-degree view of the Straits of Melaka at the peak makes this a must visit at least once in your life time.

Other things to Note

This mountain (Mount Datuk) goes by many names and spellings. On road signs it is sometimes spelt Gunung Dato' or Datok. Some maps show it as Gunung Rembau or Gunung Datuk Rembau.

Climbing fees : Rm5.00 per person
Camping Fee : Rm3.00 per person
Tent hire (4-men tent) : Rm5.00 per tent
Climbing guide (Not compulsory) :
< 20 people, Rm60
25 to 50 people, Rm120
> 50 people, Rm180