Parks are probably not high on your itinerary list when it comes to Penang Island, but you would be surprised the Pearl of the Orient does have some beautiful and well maintain recreational park and natures to offer. Check them out here. 

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1. Penang City Park

2. Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park

3. Penang Botanic Gardens

4. The Habitat Penang Hill

5. Tropical Spice Garden

6. Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang (Penang Dam)

7. Armenian Park

8. Bukit Dumbar Park

Penang Island

1. Penang City Park

Formerly known as Taman Belia-Youth Park, Penang City Park is a 40-acre urban park in the city of George Town with various recreational amenities, such as playgrounds, a skating rink, swimming pools, a graffiti corner, reflexology paths and an outdoor auditorium, all of which are open to the public.

Youth Park Penang offers both locals and tourists a wide variety of entertaining attractions in one convenient location. It’s no wonder that the Penang Municipal Park falls high upon many ‘visit Malaysia’ bucket lists.

There's a lot to do at this sprawling park at the edge of George Town.There is a water park, skating rink, children's playground, giant chess set and jungle gym that guarantee plenty of fun for the kids. We especially like the street art park where anspiring grafitti artists can express themselves freely.

The park is maintained by the Penang Island City Council. The parkland features a collection of activities that both parents and children can enjoy, including:

- a skating rink,
- play pools,
- colourful jungle trails,
- giant chess boards,
- unique street art
- multiple playgrounds for all ages
- and obstacle course and more.

A green lung of Penang, visitors can expect to find serene surrounding and fresh air in this calming yet vivid park.

2. Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park

The 2.53-acre Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park in George Town, Penang, is a small green lung in the middle of the bustling city centre. It is part of the 5.45-acre Phase 5 of the Komtar Masterplan Development by the Penang government.

The park, completed in 2019, was the location of the former Sia Boey Market (the old building structure has been retained) and the Prangin Canal. It is located within the area surrounded by Prangin Road, Bridge Street and Maxwell Road.

Surrounded by trees, shrubs and bushes, the beautiful community park has significant historical value because of its location, canal and market hall.

Canal Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation

As part of the rehabilitation and rejuvenation program of the canal, the Sia Boey site has been transform into the first Urban Archaeological Park in Malaysia.

The makeover project of Sia Boey, incorporating the archeological dimension, was undertaken by the Penang Development Corporation together with George Town World Heritage Incorporated on March, 2018.

The aim was to clean up and beautify the stretch of Prangin Canal, waters of the dirty monsoon drain was diverted to a new culver, running parallel to the exposed Prangin Canal.

The drain water passing through the Prangin Diversion goes through a bio-filtration system, using Japanese bio-remediation technology. The cleaned-up Prangin Canal is today turned into a pristine koi pond.
Quite often visitors can see schools of koi fishes lively swimming through the canal. There are connecting bridges between the canal that visitors can rest on to spectate the fishes.

The old market building of Sia Boey Market is also retianed for its historical value, where visitors can walk throuh and recall its glorious days in memories.

This park is also a great hangout spot for the locals after the dinner, to relax and wind down their day.

The centuries old giant trees are also well preserved in the park and around the area.

It is a popular site for both locals and visitors aside to enjoy and appreciate the greenaries in the city, as a fruition from the rehabilitation project. Consider planning for a stop and a quick stroll at this small park the next time you are in Georgetown!

3. Penang Botanic Gardens

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the most recognizable Penang's Botanic Gardens. Penang Botanical Gardens are certainly one among the coolest things to do in Penang but are often overshadowed by other Penang attractions such as Kek Lok Si temple, Entopia, and the popular Penang shopping malls.

Also known as the "Waterfall Gardens" because of the cascading waterfall nearby, this is a state public park on Jalan Air Terjun in George Town, covering 50 hectare of area. It is a well landscaped place that contains a huge variety of indigenous and exotic plant species.

Being the island's main botanic garden, the park boasts a great and artistic landscape. As such, Penang is proud for being home to this green piece of land that makes a great spot for a jog or stroll with friends and family.

The garden is most well-known for its greenery with a variety of flora and fauna. Some of the rare and special flora that can be found in the garden include the large roots of Sengkuang tree, the Cannon Ball tree, the Pinang palm, the black lily and the candle tree. Of all, you’d probably find the Cannon Ball tree most fascinating; there are indeed ‘cannon balls’ hanging from the tree trunks. On the other hand, you can see many types of insects and butterflies in the garden too. There are even cheeky Dusky Leaf monkeys and Black Giant squirrels to greet you as you step into the gardens.

The garden is most well-known for its greenery with a variety of flora and fauna. Some of the rare and special flora that can be found in the garden include the large roots of Sengkuang tree, the Cannon Ball tree, the Pinang palm, the black lily and the candle tree. Of all, you’d probably find the Cannon Ball tree most fascinating; there are indeed ‘cannon balls’ hanging from the tree trunks. On the other hand, you can see many types of insects and butterflies in the garden too. There are even cheeky Dusky Leaf monkeys and Black Giant squirrels to greet you as you step into the gardens.

There are many different specialty gardens in the Penang Botanic Gardens. Such as a lily pond, cactus and orchid house and more.

- Aquatic Garden
- Formal Garden
- Orchidarium
- Begonia and Bromeliad House
- Fruit Arboretum
- Cactus Garden
- Secret Garden
- Herb Garden
- Aroid Trail
- Lily Pond
- Sunken Garden
- Japanese Garden
- Cascading Stream

You can enjoy a relaxed stroll on the park's paved footpaths, or, for more exercise, take the up and down hilly trails, where you might see not just plants but occasionally wild animals such as monkeys (mostly macaques but some dusky langurs), monitor lizards, squirrels, wild boar, snakes and of course birds.

4. The Habitat Penang Hill

The Habitat Penang Hill offers the most authentic, diverse and educational rainforest experience in Malaysia. Our world class rainforest discovery centre sits on the fringes of a forest reserve protected since 1911 and consists of 1.6km nature trail that was built by the British East India Company in the early 1800s.

Apart from the myriad of flora and fauna that are discoverable along our trail, you will enjoy breath-taking views of Penang and its surrounding areas atop the 13-meter high Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk, the highest public viewing point on Penang Island, 800-meters above sea-level.

The Habitat Penang Hill also features Langur Way Canopy Walk, the longest two-span stressed ribbon bridge in the world and the only one that sits within a pristine rainforest.

It is a world-class rainforest discovery centre located at the edge of the magnificent rainforest located within easy reach of the vibrant metropolis of Penang. It is one of the main attractions which can be accessed from Ayer Itam using the historic funicular railway. With its nature trail, iconic treetop walkway, and canopy bridge that provide exceptional rainforest experiences, The Habitat aspires to awaken curiosity and nurture support for conservation among the thousands of visitors it receives each year.


- Enjoy an impressive 360-degree panoramic view of Penang Island from the highest viewing point of Penang

- Explore and learn more about the diverse flora and fauna that grows within The Habitat

- Take in the fresh air on a thrilling walk on the 230m Langur Way Canopy Walk

- Admire the beauty of Penang's 130-million-year-old rainforest

Do note that this is not a free park and that you need to pay an entrance fees, and requires you to take a tram ride to reach the peak of Penang hill to access the park.

5. Tropical Spice Garden

If you are in Batu Ferringhi, you ought to visit this place. A trip to Batu Ferringhi isn't complete without a day trip to Tropical Spice Garden, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. The garden is a lush and lanscaped 8-acre garden with over 500 species of flora and fauna for you to see! You can opt for a live guided tour or an audio tour and whatever you decide, you'll definitely learn something new, and maybe see a plant or two you've never seen before!

After walking through the garden, you can even visit the outdoor cafe that overlooks the Straits of Malacca, and get a chance to sit back and relax to admire the fantastic environment. Before you leave, drop by the gift shop for some Malaysian-made gifts, or premium spice therapy spa products - a great souvenir from a trip to the Tropical Spice Garden.

The audio tour covers Tropical Spice Garden's water garden, spices terraces, bamboo garden, beverages of the world and more. Having earned the Malaysia Book of Records for the first tropical climate spice garden, a trip to Tropical Spice Garden is not to be missed when in Penang.


- Be enthralled by more than 500 varieties of tropical flora and fauna from around the world

- Explore the lush, landscaped award-winning gardens set out over 8 acres of secondary jungle valley

- Relax at the breezy, outdoor café overlooking the Straits of Malacca and the beautiful shoreline of Teluk Bahang

- Shop for unique, Malaysian made gifts or premium spice therapy spa products at the gift shop

Again, this is not a free park and requires you to pay entrance fees, but it's well worth it according to most - see the Google Reviews!

6. Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang (Penang Dam)

A forest park in Teluk Bahang, right beside Penang Dam. It covers an area of 32 hectares, and is located within the Teluk Bahang Recreational Forest, which covers 873 hectares. Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang was established in 1974 to increase people's appreciation and knowledge about Malaysia's forest ecology. In the course of setting up the park, several hiking trails were also mapped out.

Within the forest park are pools where visitors can take a dip to refresh themselves. Picnic areas are also available, as are camping ground and hostels.

The park is well-equipped with picnic and camping areas, a playground, a forestry museum and a substantial network of hiking trails. Explore the trails and take in the wide variety of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. The icing on the cake is surely the waterfall where one can take a dip to cool off while enjoying the surrounding greenery.

@Credits: John Khor

There are nature trails around the park, as well as treks that leads deeper through the jungle and into Penang Hill, making it an ideal place for hiking and jungle trekking. Anybody intending to climb these trails are reminded that a certain degree of physical fitness and stamina is expected. One should explore according to one's pace and not to overexert.

All in all, Taman Rimba Teluk Bahang is a place to enjoy the calming serenity of the rainforest.

7. Armenian Park

The Armenian Park is a quiet green space in the center of Armenian Street Penang Heritage-Enclave.

Armenian Park is a public park at the intersection of Acheen Street and Armenian Street. This open green space provides an oasis in the heart of the island's heritage zone. With green lawns, pedestrian walkways, benches and landscape gardens, it is a great place for activities or just to take a break while exploring the city.

As part of the local initiative for green network planning in urban areas, a disused vacant lot is transformed from an active flea market.

Part of the project included the upgrading of an adjacent back lane into a herb garden for the public to visit.

Armenian Park provides a safe, clean, and healthy environment for the community to interact.

The overall works include restructuring utilities, landscaping, pedestrian walkways, and lighting fixtures.

Not only did the upgrade project fulfil George Town’s need for public open spaces, it also benefited tourism and business. The park is complementary to its surroundings, bringing out the beauty of the historical buildings. In addition, residents, businesses and visitors have augured well with the introduction of new cultural attractions in the neighbouring Youth Centre and Syed al-Attas Mansion — a mid-19th century structure owned by the Penang Island City Council.

While most of the time the park functions as a neighbourhood garden, on special occasions it is used for community projects including ‘Art in the Park’ and ‘Music in the Park’ during the George Town Festival and various periodic art installations. Popular with both local residents and visitors, the park is currently jointly maintained by George Town council.

As we all know, Armenian Street is that bustling street-art spot that’s always abuzz with locals and tourists. But not many tourists would have heard of Armenian Park. Essentially, Armenian Park is a location that hosts plenty of outdoor activities in Penang such as the Lantern Festival, Lunar New Year bash and more.

The 1,600 sqm park is a green lung is a space for the community to enjoy.

All in all, the park is a small but well landscaped park. If you happen to be around the Armenian street heritage area, drop by the park and tune yourself into a relaxing mood here.

8. Bukit Dumbar Park

Lastly, we end the list with a humble residential park that we bet you pass by in each trip to Georgetown - The Bukit Dumbar Park.

Penang Bukit Dumbar is a recreational park over a man-made hill located in Jelutong area of the island. It serves as a popular place for the locals to exercise, jogging or to stroll during the mornings and evenings. A public badminton court center is also located within the park for those interested to rent a court for playing.

Nestled against a small man-made hill not too far from Tesco Jelutong Hypermarket, this public park was built over an underground reservoir. To get there, one has to enter from Jalan Gelugor, after Jelutong post office or Jelutong wet market on a one-way traffic.

In addition to the hill slope walking trail, whispering casuarina trees, children playground and the view of Penang Bridge await on the summit. Penang Badminton Centre and Nicol David International Squash Centre are also located on the south of this green lung, available for those interested to rent a court for playing.

That's the 8 parks you should visit in your next trip to Penang. There's always more you have yet to discover in Penang, stay tune here at Petit Go! with us so we can explore together!