Are you looking to visit Sekinchan? Here's a pocket guide to places you should visit.

Located at the west coast of Malaysian Peninsular, Sekinchan used to be a sleepy fishing village netled by the vast greenaries of paddy field. It has developed to become one of the hottest tourist attraction in recent year.

When to visit
ANYTIME, though March, April, September, and October are the best months to visit to get the fullest and lushest paddy field views, just prior to the harvest season.

How far from KL?
About 100 kilometers away, 1 and half hour drive.

Places to Visit

1. Pantai Redang Sekinchan Beach

The Redang Beach Sekinchan or Pantai Redang is a popular spot for road trips and food trips.

The beach is ideal for a walk and strolling, with various sights and spots to visit around the beach area.

Visitors may find huts, swings, sign boards, playground and verndors with bubble equipments for rental - however it is not suitable for swimming, snorkeling or diving.

Adjacent to the beach, visitors can find a fishing village with fishing boats entering and exiting the village. There's a small platform that extends to the shore.

Wishing Tree

Another must-visit spot will of course be the Sekinchan Wishing Tree which can be found in Redang Beach area. This tree will be hard to miss as it is a huge tree with thousands of red ribbons dangling from the tree branches. This is also one of the main attractions there so don’t walk away without making a wish by throwing the red ribbon that is knotted with coins onto the tree.

Besides that, one can also pray for everything good at the Wishing Tree Temple located at Redang Beach Sekinchan. Other than that, there are also many stalls selling local delicacies like prawn crackers, dried seafood snacks, fresh produce and other seafood dishes where you can also get a taste of the local cuisines served there.

While you are here, be sure to take a picture with the iconic ‘I Love Sekinchan’ board.

2. Paddy Gallery Sekinchan

Sekinchan is one of the major rice producing regions in Malaysia. The paddy gallery, which is owned by PLS Group - a major player in the cultivation, processing, packaging and distribution of rice, is built within their rice mill and open to public.

Learn about Rice Cultivation

The entrance fee is RM 5.00 come with a 250g pack of rice!

Visitors will then be greeted by a tour guide, who will proceed to guide visitors through the process of paddy plantation and their mechanized harvesting.

The rice in Sekinchan is harvested twice a year – the middle of the year (around May and June) and the end of the year (around November and December). These are the best periods to visit the gallery. Sowing is done in between March and April as well as August and September. The paddy field is a vast expanse of green during sowing months and turns into a golden sea during the harvest period.

3. MSekin Wonderland

Ever think about having a Water Park in the sleepy fishing village of Sekinchan? Yes this is completely true, and it's here.

MSekin Wonderland is the first ever Water Park in the Sabak Bernam area of Sekinchan, offering splashing and cooling fun for all ages.

Located not too far away from the Sekinchan's signature Redang beach, MSekin Wonderland is built with 10 different pools with splashing fountains, children slides, water rides and various water equipments for kids. The pools are designed to be primarily children focus and keep them engaged with all different water activities.

Apart from outdoor pools, the park also offer kids with a compound of indoor playground and theme park to keep them engaged with indoor dry activities. Kids can find play gym equipment and various fun rides that they can take on to keep their day busy.

4. Ah Ma House (阿嬤的家)

Ah Ma House (阿嬤的家) is a bakery at the outskirts of Sekinchan. ‘Ah Ma’ means paternal grandmother in Hokkien, which this establishment is literally translated as grandma's house.

The place offers great opportunities for visitors to take photograph as it is fully decorated with vintage and traditional furniture and appliances - which are actual artifacts used for decades. A walk into the establishment would bring you down the memory lane, and seeing many of these vintage items would likely bring back memories from the 80s and 70s.

They also sell other traditional Malaysia local snacks, biscuit and dessert. Ah Ma House keeps the quality of their products by selling them fresh from the oven, with batches after batches of egg waffle being served.

Sekinchan is really just about Paddy fields and its peaceful fishing village vibe. Before you head back to KL, be sure to finish your trip with a feast of fresh seafood for reasonable prices, and consider bringing a cooler box so you can purchase seafood directly from the fisherman retail for a considerably cheap price!