The 2.53-acre Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park in George Town, Penang, is a small green lung in the middle of the bustling city centre. It is part of the 5.45-acre Phase 5 of the Komtar Masterplan Development by the Penang government.

The park, completed in 2019, was the location of the former Sia Boey Market (the old building structure has been retained) and the Prangin Canal. It is located within the area surrounded by Prangin Road, Bridge Street and Maxwell Road.

Surrounded by trees, shrubs and bushes, the beautiful community park has significant historical value because of its location, canal and market hall.

History of the Park

In the early days of George Town, the area was known as “Sia Boey” to the Hokkiens and “Ujong Pasir” to the Malays — both of which means “end of the village” — owing to its location, which was at the southernmost end of the settlement.

Today, the Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park is open to the public, with a public square, landscaped with trees and a children's playground.

Canal Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation

As part of the rehabilitation and rejuvenation program of the canal, the Sia Boey site has been transform into the first Urban Archaeological Park in Malaysia.

The makeover project of Sia Boey, incorporating the archeological dimension, was undertaken by the Penang Development Corporation together with George Town World Heritage Incorporated on March, 2018.

The aim was to clean up and beautify the stretch of Prangin Canal, waters of the dirty monsoon drain was diverted to a new culver, running parallel to the exposed Prangin Canal.

The drain water passing through the Prangin Diversion goes through a bio-filtration system, using Japanese bio-remediation technology. The cleaned-up Prangin Canal is today turned into a pristine koi pond.
Quite often visitors can see schools of koi fishes lively swimming through the canal. There are connecting bridges between the canal that visitors can rest on to spectate the fishes.

The old market building of Sia Boey Market is also retianed for its historical value, where visitors can walk throuh and recall its glorious days in memories.

The park is well decorated with lanterns and lamps, that light up the park nicely in the night.

This park is also a great hangout spot for the locals after the dinner, to relax and wind down their day.

The centuries old giant trees are also well preserved in the park and around the area.

It is a popular site for both locals and visitors aside to enjoy and appreciate the greenaries in the city, as a fruition from the rehabilitation project.

Consider planning for a stop and a quick stroll at this small park the next time you are in Georgetown!