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Kepong Botanic Gardens (FRIM)    

  Jalan E 4/15, Taman Ehsan, 52100, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor | Visit Website |   03-7963 0046
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4.4   (805)


A tranquil place to get away from all the hustle and bustle, the garden is joined to FRIM but located within the housing area next to it. Expect to come across a variety of carefully plated trees and flowerbeds. There is a small lake in the middle adding to the beauty of this garden.

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Tags: Cycling Camping Lake Picnic

What to Expect?

The Kepong Botanic Gardens is developed to be the center for living plant collections mainly for Malaysian plants. This garden will create research opportunities in botany, horticulture, landscape and other related fields. Plants from the wild will be systematically collected and planted in the garden for display and as a center for ex-situ conservation. Horticulture and landscaping education, research and development will be another strong feature of the garden.

You can begin to explore FRIM by walking on the asphalt road that circles the parkland to acquaint yourself with the surroundings before venturing into its nature trails. The most well-known trails in FRIM are Salleh Trail and Keruing Trail. Along these trails, you will discover Tongkat Ali, which literally means Ali’s walking stick in Malay, a wild shrub akin to ginseng in the Malay Archipelago; Engkabang trees, whose fats are excellent for making the waxy base of lipsticks for moisturizing the lips; lianas, climbers with long-stemmed, woody vines; Jelutong trees, whose wood is used for making pencils and matches; and Kulim trees, whose branches and leaves bear the smell of garlic.

Most of all, the most remarkable scenery in FRIM is none other than “crown shyness”, a mosaic-like pattern formed by the leaves of Kapur trees (Camphor trees) ‘shying’ away from each other, leaving distinguishable gaps in between the tree crowns that can be clearly seen underneath the trees. Kapur trees produce an aromatic resin that can be used to make camphor oil; their wood can be used to make railway sleepers.

The garden also has a new Skywalk track. The skywalk is as high as 50 metres above the man-made forest and 250 metres long! Perfect to get all the angles of the forest!

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Look Around


 Address:   Jalan E 4/15, Taman Ehsan, 52100, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

Visit Website

03-7963 0046

Everyday 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM


Cycling Tracks

Comes with bicycle lanes for some family cycling fun

Jogging Track

Jogging track for parents too

  Reviews 4.4   (805)
  • image

    K CM

    a week ago

    Access is difficult.
    Signage is confusing and the security guard (sitting beside a road that he said is closed but there were no signages that said it is closed) is rude and unhelpful. Time is 12.30 pm on 17/7/23 if the relevant authorities want to track down the guard and reeducate him that he is basically in service industry and should be polite.

  • image

    Kenneth W

    a month ago

    entrance fee

    car RM5 per entry
    adult age 13 and above RM1 per person
    kids, students in school uniform, OKU, FOC
    dslr/slr RM5
    non Malaysians different rate

    drone and cycling are prohibited.

    the entrance is somewhat dilapidated. the wooden stairs and walkway connecting Razak Walk and Skywalk showing signs of ruin and neglect. beware of stepping on some already fragile planks.

    overall, the place is somewhat lack of maintenence, otherwise a good place for nature lovers.

  • image

    Faeiz Raduan

    a month ago

    Went for the Forest Skywalk. It was exhilarating & breathtaking. I'm scared of heights & I'm proud of myself to overcome it. Didn't have the time to explore other areas which I sure would be worthy as well. Be sure to be here early as it would be hot around 9.30am to 10am.

  • image

    LP Lee

    3 months ago

    Great get away from KL town for a nice forestry easy walk. Fantastic view. Listening to the sound of nature. Local here will walk a few rounds in there to maximize the feel of nature. Check out my photos. Looks like not in Malaysia!

  • image


    3 months ago

    Skywalk by FRIM located inside this botanic gardens. Pre-registration is preferable to secure your preferred slot

    Nice and good spot for jog and exercises, hopefully it maintains well by everyone

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