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4.0   (315)


Fresh water mangrove forest where 2 rivers formed a confluence wetland. It is the "Oasis" for wild birds in the hinterland, with more than 150 species of birds for birding fans.

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Tags: Animals

What to Expect?

Air Hitam Dalam Educational Forest or popularly known as Air Hitam Dalam Recreational Forest is a fresh water swamp with a size of approximately 11 hectares. The park is situated in the Seberang Perai North District of Penang or North Province Wellesley. It is easily accessed by leaving the North/South Highway at exit 165 to Sungai Dua and following the GPS directions.

There are two access routes; one rather convoluted through a Kampong (old car park) and another upper car park off Jalan Kubang Semang (P3) (new car park). A lot of bird action occurs in and around the Kampong car park while the upper car park has a good view of the rising sun.

Housing an ecosystem that has many plants and animals, especially birds, there are two observation towers here that are linked by a 210m suspension bridge. Birding is possible here, where the sites for birding are canopied and connected by a 1,163m boardwalk.

"Sited just twenty kilometres from the Penang Bridge nestles Air Hitam Dalam, a secret forest of surprises, a dense mangrove wetland that houses a rich ecological realm waiting to be explored.

Probably, the enclave is so richly endowed as it lies at the extraordinary confluence of three natural waterways – the Sungai Air Hitam, Sungai Jarak and prominent Sungai Perai which flows towards the Straits of Malacca. Buffered by the rivers in this manner, the teeming natural haven is surrounded on its other sides by fertile paddy fields, picturesque kampung houses and breezy coconut plantations."

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There are various wildlifes to be sighted here, from reptiles, monkey, to a huge varity of birds - making it a prime birding spot for wildlife observers.

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 Address:   13310, Air Hitam, Pulau Pinang

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Everyday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  Reviews 4.0   (315)
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    John Cheong

    2 months ago

    Still open to the public and most of the boardwalk is accessible, but the skywalk is closed as it's now dangerous due to not being maintained. The boardwalk is in OK condition but not a long one so you won't spend too much time here. My trip was during midday so I didn't expect to see or hear much wildlife/birdcall. There was some, but not much. I think an early morning or evening timing would be better for that. On the plus side, the place is relatively clean, and best of all, the toilets were in very good and clean condition - at least the one near the gravel road.

  • image

    Hazrul Alif

    4 months ago

    Great place for a morning walk. Entrance is free and here you'll be able to walk up a suspension bridge, do be cautious as there may be some broken planks. Place is relatively clean. Some wildlife can even be seen.

  • image

    Chin En

    4 months ago

    It's a very good place to be close with nature and to enjoy greenery. With silence and peace, also able to listen carefully to the birds' sounds.

    Special thing about here is the skywalk. Not really terrifying and it's free. We took around 1 hour to fully explore the place which we didn't expect that little.

    Also a good place to take wedding photos i supposed, during my visit, have witnessed 2 couple of them.

    I guess it used to be a tourist attraction, but recently no one keep it well maintained. It seems quite abandoned and there are lots of naturally grown bushes that have affected the scenery. Overall, still a place worth to explore with friends and family or couple.

  • image

    Kikoprincess Li

    6 months ago

    Completely free but definitely off the beaten track down h paved roads with limited signage. It’s probably the longest free suspension bridge I’ve been on.

  • image

    Asyraf Jeffri

    8 months ago

    Suitable for who love nature . There we can hear bird chipping hear sound of nature . There also have people who take bird photo . The canopy walk is around 200 meter . It best to test your courage. The fee is free anyone can enter the forest

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