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BOH Tea Centre    

  Brinchang, 39000, Brinchang, Pahang | Visit Website |   05-496 2096
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4.3   (4,998)


The famous tea farm that offers scenic views as well as a visitor center with a cafe, gallery & souvenir shop.

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What to Expect?

Boh Tea Sungai Palas is a tea plantation located in Brinchang about 5km north from town or 2km away from Kea Farm. Owned and managed by Boh, it complements their estate at Ringlet, featuring a large visitor center complete with cafe, gallery and shopping boutique. Free guided tours to explore the factory are also available.

The attraction can be reached via a winding road on the way to the summit of Gunung Brinchang. This hilly road branches off the main road near Cameron Highlands Bee Farm.

Undoubtedly the visitors are here for the hi-tea session, as they serve signature tea and desserts in their restaurant on the hill that are wrapped with an amazing paranomic view against the tea farm.

Key Attractions:

- Tea Factory tours showcase how BOH crafts our teas

- The BOH Cafeteria offers a wide range of BOH Teas and an assortment of light bites and confectionaries (You have to try the cakes!), enjoy your refreshment while you look out to a scenic view of the lush green tea form from your table.

- Take a trip down memory lane at the BOH Exhibition Gallery

- Visit BOH’s Tea Gift Shop to get souvenirs for your loved ones

- Tea Tasting Session where they educate visitors how to appreciate tea.

- Host of Photo Spots against the backdrop of lush tea plantations

The Sungei Palas Boh Tea Centre has a museum providing detailed interpretation of the history of tea in Cameron, as well as the founders and present owners of the Boh Tea company. There is a visitor platform at the Sungei Palas Boh Tea Centre. It is attached to the tea kiosk. From the platform, visitors enjoy a panoramic view of the tea plantation while sipping tea and enjoying various pastries such as scones, puffs, pies and cheesecakes.

If you are interested in learning the process of making BOH Tea, then you can head over to the other end of the BOH Center – where the BOH Sungai Palas tea factories located then join in a FREE tour into BOH Tea factory, occurs once every 15 minutes.

Due to the high number of visitors to the centre, a large car park has been created at the foot of the tea house. Visitors are to leave their vehicles there and make their way on foot to the tea house. The journey is about 350 meters up hill.

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 Address:   Brinchang, 39000, Brinchang, Pahang

Visit Website

05-496 2096

Everyday Except Monday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  Reviews 4.3   (4,998)
  • image

    Sunny San San

    3 weeks ago

    Very quiet place to have a tea compare to the Cameron valley tea house. Not sure 8 years back if I was here or the other BOH Tea Plantation cafe. But both are very relax. Even a bit crowded but the space organising between the tables are wider. Definitely will visit again

  • image

    Pei Yeing Foo

    a month ago

    BOH tea provides free entry for the visitor to visit the tea farm.

    The environment of the BOH tea was so good and felt very relaxed.

    We had some of the meal on the BOH tea restaurant and feel a bit disappointed with the service and food.

    We are not sure what the meal is in the ingredient and double-check with the waitress. She did not explain to us what the dish was about. And the hot food was cold.

    Overall, it is a good place to visit and enjoy the fresh air environment with family and friends. Hope the service will be changed as this is the one of the places to attract foreign customers as well. And please serve hot food with hot temperature, not a room temperature or cold temperature ?

  • image

    Lawsenza Secret

    a month ago

    A lovely breakfast with a scenic view. The place is picturesque in every angle. Food is surprisingly good as many tourist area are overrated but not this. We came early so it wasn’t crowded yet. The drive up may be challenging to noob drivers but it was definitely enjoyable. You will need to walk up a flight of stairs from the parking but if you have elderly or challenge walking then they will specially allow you to drive all the way to the top. You can also buy all kinds of tea here even some exclusive ones that are only available here.

  • image

    Sally Yong

    11 months ago

    Nice view, can sit down have a tea time and enjoy the scenery. But the queue for food is very long.

    I wouldn't come here for 2nd time though.

    I will go somewhere that can have access to the tea plantation.

  • image

    Lehmann Family

    in the last week

    No real access to the plantation itself. The drive to the viewpoint is a bit chaotic. The road towards the centre was not maintained as it should. Even though we were here on a Tuesday when traffic is expected to be lighter, it was right and congested. So I would avoid coming here during peak season. Having said this, the viewing point structure was nicely build. It was airy and provides a good view of the plantation. The toilets needs to be better maintained and cleaned though. There is also no toilet paper provided and some of the taps were broken. Having been here, I don’t think we’ll come back. Will probably check out the other plantations and probably some less well known and more exclusive trails!

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