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Lata Perahu Waterfall    

  33020, Kuala Kangsar, Perak |   012-235 7123
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4.1   (107)


The waterfall is located in pristine surroundings. It is not a particularly tall fall, but it has an attractive classical 'horse-tail' shape and the water flow is substantial. A big pool invites to a relaxing bath.

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Tags: Picnic Camping Waterfall

What to Expect?

The waterfall is located in pristine forest surroundings. It is not a particularly tall fall, about 10 m high, but it has an attractive classical horse-tail shape and the water flow is substantial. It provides a peaceful tranquil view from below. The waterfall empties into a pool. From the pool, it flows down the slopes, cascading over huge boulders. The surrounding is quite cooling. There are comfortable and clean areas around the waterfall for family picnics or camping.

To get there

About 25 km from Kuala Kangsar, on the new road to Gerik, a signboard directs you to the Perahu waterfall. Follow the small tar road until its end, about 1 km and park your car there. From here a trail of about 500 meter leads to the waterfall.

The road getting there could be narrow and steep so we advise to drive in caution.
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 Address:   33020, Kuala Kangsar, Perak

012-235 7123

  Reviews 4.1   (107)
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    Mohanasundaram Sinniah

    a month ago

    One of my favorite waterfalls in Kuala Kangsar.
    Washroom available, taken care by the village community.
    Humble request to the visitors, please keep clean the place. Not much rubbish bins are provided. If the rubbish bins are full, please bring back your own rubbish back home. Dont just dump it there even if the bins are full.
    its really sore to our eyes.

    RM1 for each visitors, put in a box provided near by the wahroom.

  • image


    3 months ago

    Firstly, it's important to note that this is not a water park, but rather a small waterfall. The size of the waterfall is quite small, making it challenging to find a good spot to set up. Additionally, there aren't any nearby services available. The road leading to the waterfall is also quite narrow.

    Moreover, there is only one tent available for all visitors, which can make it difficult to find a comfortable spot to rest. We found this to be quite inconvenient, as there were a number of visitors during our visit.

    Furthermore, we had a negative experience with the owner who was quite rude to us. Despite the description in google maps stating that the waterfall closes at 6pm, the owner approached us and asked us to leave before 5pm. We found this to be quite unwelcoming.

    Overall, we don't think that this location is suitable for tourists, especially those who do not speak Bahasa Melayu. There are no instructions in English, which can make it difficult to understand the rules of the area.

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    Arel Anuar

    4 months ago

    You can drive to the waterfall. It was very nice to have a picnic and enjoy the wonderful scenery. The entrance fee is only RM1/pax. The basic facilities such as a car park, changing room and toilet were provided. For reminder, please bring home your own trash.

  • image


    6 months ago

    Very nice and calm place to visit.
    Car park can accommodate abt 20 cars. Toilet is clean. The place is clean and the small pool suitable for children beteen 8 yo and above. The person in charge is doing his job.

  • image

    Séamus Gan

    a year ago

    Place is quite scenic and relatively safe to bring children. Water is not fast flowing and quite shallow. Just don't go during rainy days. It is possible to drive a car up to the waterfall parking area, but the road up is partially broken. Entrance fee is supposed to be RM1 but the local uncle at the bottom of the slope said no one has maintained the place in a while (proof of broken road) so there's no need to pay RM1. Toilets and changing rooms are available. A tent is set up and some chairs and benches are around. It seems (according to the uncle) it's possible to hike further up the waterfall to the top of the hill. Maybe next time I'll try that. Overall, quiet and refreshing place to visit, just poorly maintained and litter in certain places left behind by uncultured visitors.

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