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Serendah Recreational Waterfall    

  Kampung Orang Asli Serendah, 48200, Serendah, Selangor |   017-609 1504
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3.9   (1,017)


Serendah waterfall is not as popular as Kanching Recreational Forest Waterfalls as it is further away from the major towns, but it is an excellent alternative spot to cool off on a hot sunny day

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Tags: Picnic Waterfall

What to Expect?

Serendah Waterfall or also known as Templer Kai or Recreational Waterfall Serendah however, is situated 3 kilometres away from an indigenous people village known as “Perkampungan Orang Asli Serendah”, and upon entering the modern village, visitor get to see the lifestyle of these indigenous people.

The waterfall is quite accessible for folks who live in the Klang Valley. It is an ideal place for picnic and family outing. it is not as popular as Kanching Recreational Forest Waterfalls, mainly because Serendah Waterfall is located further away from major towns.

Here, even though the waterfall seems small and shallow, it offers gushing water that is refreshingly cold that splashes onto those who sit by it. The beauty and cleanliness of this tourist destination is great for picnics and swims.

At the first level of the waterfall, there is only a simple fall with limited pool space. However, the place is efficient enough as there are basic facilities provided: from toilets to changing rooms at the park, as well as gazebos.

If you do decide to explore further, there are some easy hiking trails which take you to the second level of the waterfalls.

There are also food stalls (which are usually open during weekends) nearby in case you get hungry or thirsty. You get to enjoy the waterfalls with all the conveniences close by. This is handy especially if you are bringing your young children or elderly parents along for the trip.

There are parking facilities and the waterfalls are just a short walk away from the entrance so you don’t have to hike very far into the jungle.

Just at the junction entering the waterfall, is where the famous Seven Well or “Perigi Tujuh” is located, that we recommend you stopping by as well.

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Look Around


 Address:   Kampung Orang Asli Serendah, 48200, Serendah, Selangor

017-609 1504


Kid's Pools

Wading pools to cool the hot day down

  Reviews 3.9   (1,017)
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    c ph (Pink Gardenia)

    in the last week

    Presently surprised by this place, my first time here though I have been to Serendah countless times. Heard this place is managed by the 'orang asli' here. Nice serene surroundings, partly shaded with trees. The waterfalls are rather low but the water was swift and powerful. There is a pool below the waterfalls, looked deep and rather inviting for a swim. The water was clear and clean but not that cold. There are several man made pools for children as well as adults to play in them. Toilets facilities are available but you have to pay to use them. There are several pavilions which are good for shade and picnic areas.

  • image

    Mohd Faris Abtholuddin

    a month ago

    Too crowd during Public Holiday. I've been there last week and it was just too crowd to enjoy the nature. It is better to go during weekdays..i think.

  • image

    Benjamin Tam

    4 months ago

    Honestly nothing much to visit. Just the waterfalls that's all. Infrastructure can be better if the local govt plan it well

  • image

    CH Y

    4 months ago

    Small-ish waterfall. Quick 10 min hike brings you to upper level. RM2 entry. Single-lane road for both in & out, so if many cars, going to be messy. Almost everyone in the water wearing full clothing and not bathing suits.

  • image

    e s

    7 months ago

    Rubbish in every step of the way (disappointing). Nonetheless, it's a nice place to chill when there's nobody around. Hike up a bit more to have some peace and quiet surrounding.

    P/s: Please take your trash with you and take care of our surroundings. You wouldn't want people to trash your house, so why do that to our nature.

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