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Teluk Senangin Beach    

  Teluk Senangin Beach (Pantai Peranginan Teluk Senangin), Jalan Teluk Senangin, 32200, Lumut, Perak
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4.3   (1,793)


A scenic beach located near Damai Laut, the sandy beach is relatively remote but not too difficult to reach, making it an ideal spot to enjoy a quiet and relaxing sea breeze.

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Tags: Beach Swimming Picnic

What to Expect?

Teluk Senangin Beach is a scenic beach located near the Damai Laut Swiss Garden Golf Resort and Spa. Unlike the more developed beaches such as Teluk Batik or Pangkor Island, this beach is not as crowded as there are no international standard accommodation here. If you just want to find a quiet place or want a change, this beach is the place to go.

With a beautiful look on Pangkor Island on the left hand and a look on the Straights of Malacca, this beach offers beautiful views. And the sunsets are as magical as well. Activities you can do here include swimming, dipping in the sea, flying kite, riding your bike along the waterside, or simply strolling down the beach.

Visitors can expect to find some huts for shades and resting, and local eateries (warung) along the beach.

For those who want to stay here, there are a few chalets and motels that you can book. Do not expect any high class service as this place is still relatively undeveloped. If you are coming just for a day trip, there is a bathing facility that you can use. However, it is only open during the weekends as this is the time when beach goers throng this place.

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 Address:   Teluk Senangin Beach (Pantai Peranginan Teluk Senangin), Jalan Teluk Senangin, 32200, Lumut, Perak

Everyday 24 hours
  Reviews 4.3   (1,793)
  • image

    Leanie Toh

    2 months ago

    A hidden gem about 25 minutes drive from Sitiawan town. The long stretch of fine sandy beach and wave was just nice for swimming. There were a nice patch of pine trees swaying from the cool breeze and monkeys jumping on the roof of the shops. A convenient public shower area and toilets for RM1 per shower or 50 cents for toilet usage. Plastic chairs for lounging were at RM5 each or is it per hour basis, I wonder. Place was not crowded even though it was Labour Day holiday but last day of a long weekend.
    We came not prepared for a swim but managed to see a perfect sunset! A first for me to see the beautiful sun sinking directly into the sea. Words cannot describe the changing color of the sky and reflection on the water. Must return soon for a swim. The water was clean...unlike the polluted sea in Teluk Batik but there were still rubbish thrown under some trees. A very bad habit that most Malaysians have.

  • image

    sharifah noraini

    3 months ago

    Beautiful beach, stunning view and soft breezy wind. The beach is quite popular with the locals. Great place to relax and enjoy the cool breeze with your family to spend your weekend.

    You can watch the beautiful sunset at the beach and enjoy the food from the stalls nearby. Quite packed during public holiday but it will never spoil your experience.

    Overall, we enjoyed the stay!

  • image


    4 months ago

    you can enjoy the sunsets all you want, it has a really nice view.

  • image

    cecilia chin kee

    8 months ago

    The beach is crowded with people with lots of rubbish everywhere, from the hawker stalls to the parking area and picnic areas. No maintainance of cleanliness by campers, picnickers or the authorities. Sellers/People who use the areas there should be charged a sum of money or even summoned if they don't keep the areas clean after usage. Big trash bins should be placed at stategic places to ease the disposal of rubbish.

  • image

    Muhammad Syafeeq Mohammad Nuri (Gor-Eng)

    in the last week

    The beach is nice but trash is everywhere. Visitors need to look after their trash better. It's a public place, the gazebos also free to use. Beware with the hagglers, they will lead you to believe that you have to pay for things you're not supposed to.

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