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4.4   (250)


A beautiful hill with hiking trails that lies in the northern flank of Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest. It is one of the best hiking spots in Seberang Perai that features beautiful temples on top and amazing paranomic view over the BM town.

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Tags: Hiking

What to Expect?

Berapit Market Hill is a 4.7 kilometer moderately trafficked hiking trail that features beautiful wild flowers. The difficulty is moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

The beauty of Bukit Berapit is Berapit Market Hill, that lies in the northern flank of Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest. It is one of the best hiking spots in Seberang Perai.

Berapit offers two different hikes, which can also be done in a loop: one to a beautiful Thai-Burmese Buddhist temple hanging from the hillside, and one to 328 Rainbow Stairs at Flower Fruit Hill (花果山) an easy and popular trail that opened in early 2021.

Beautiful Temple On The Hill

There's a Thai Buddhist Monastery (known in Chinese as Chanxiu Jingshe 禅修静舍) located up on the western slopes is rather well known among the locals but not tourists out of town. This monastery can be accessed by a 25-minute hike from the bottom of the hill.

The other Buddhist monastery is Vivekavana Solitude Grove which can be accessed through the same concrete path located at a higher elevation compared to this Thai monastery.

Upon reaching the Thai monastery there is a large statue of a sitting Buddha and the main prayer hall. Several shrines dedicated to Luang Phor Tuad and Na Tuk Kong are also located next to the main prayer hall.

If you continue hiking, you will reach the 5-tier pagoda and the meditation pavilion overlooking hill below with panoramic views of Bukit Mertajam town and Penang Island in the distance. Also located next to the pagoda are Phra Prom shrine and a large statue of a standing Buddha flanked by two elephant statues.

Rainbow Stairs at Hua Guo San (花果山)

This recent addition to hiking trails in Berapit is located on the western slopes of the Cherok Tok Kun hill and leads up to the popular Rainbow Stairs (彩虹梯) on Hua Guo San (花果山), or “Flower Fruit Hill”. It takes about 30 minutes from the parking lot at the bottom of the hill in Kampung Besar.

The hiking path starts to the left of a Chinese temple, it’s perfectly paved, and even has lanterns that light up at night. 328 Rainbow Staircase is an easy hike that ends in a landscaped garden within a durian orchard.

Amazing Paranomic View at Day and Night

Once on top, visitors also can enjoy a paranomic view over Bukit Mertajam town that catches glimpses of Penang island. The view are amazing at both day and night time, and it is a popular spot to catch sunrise and sunset for locals.


- The trail at 彈修精舍 can link to To'kun.
- Can start your hike at either way.
- Nice scenery along the trail.
- Visitors may enter thru Tingkat Berapit 5 in Taman Pearl (beside Berapit market).
- Using the same route, they can exit thru 玉封震山阁老佛庙 Temple Kampong Besar. From there, they can opt to take a Grab ride to head back to the start of the trail, or just walk back.
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 Address:   Unnamed Road, 14000, 14000, Bukit Mertajam,

Everyday 24 hours
  Reviews 4.4   (250)
  • image

    thanga rajan

    a week ago

    So nice.. One of the best healing place.. Family hiking and got buddies temple

  • image

    Amal Najihah

    11 months ago

    Trail is easy and short, parking area is limited. Trail route is paved properly and safe to be used. Not as popular as cherok tokun but have high potential to be a great hiking place too if the area is upgraded a bit. Not as much people as cherok tokun. Not much of signboard exist along the route showing direction, there are some but none is malay/english language. There are some juctions to go the other way too. Have temple at the finishing point.

  • image

    Nelson Ng (Adventure Rider)

    a month ago

    Nice hill can see the view of Penang.

    There is a new building come up before reaching the temple. They sell delicious Durian. The young female seller is pretty.

    I come up for the Tea shop which only open weekend. I was told the shop was closed permanently during MCO.

  • image

    sam teo

    a month ago

    good place for family outing and hiking. good view facing Penang Island

  • image

    Xuan Zhi Ong

    a year ago

    It's another side of Tokun. If you hike further up from the temple, you can reach Tokun peak too. For a weekend slight exercise, the elevation and distance to the temple is moderately good for most people.

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