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Farmers Arcade Cameron Highlands    

  Cameron Highland, 39000, Brinchang, Pahang |   016-456 2356
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4.1   (1,518)


A more popular nursery complex among the crowded farms in Cameron Highlands, this farm offers a while range of interesting plants and produces at affordable wholesale prices, with restaurants that offers meals, fresh pastries and desserts to visitors.

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What to Expect?

Also known as Arked Peladang Cameron Highlands (which what you will find as their main signboard at the front), Farmers Arcade Cameron Highlands is a plant nursery and shopping complex situated along main road about 1km after Brinchang town, or 2km before Kea Farm.

The farm is a bigger and more popular nursery farm among the crowded farms in Cameron Highlands.

The complex comprises a cluster of shoplots selling local produce, potted plants as well as souvenirs. Visitors can find 3 main individual businesses within the complex: Unc Sam Farm, Strawberry Corner and Multicrops Central Market being the main attraction.

The first tenant is Unc Sam Farm (Uncle Sam's Farm). This is a florist and flaura garden in Cameron Highlands. Visitors can find all sorts of blooming and colorful flowers here at low retail price, and most of the flowers here are being wholesaled to outstation so visitors can make sure they get the freshest flowers at cheapest price possible.

The second tenant is Strawberry Corner. True to the arcade's name, visitors will be greeted with a lot of claw machines and arcade machiens upon entering the shop.

It sells mostly souvenirs related to strawberry. There is a large selection of strawberry-flavoured chocolates as well as strawberries coated with chocolate. Then there are the keychains which come in multi colours. In essense, it's one of the many tourist shops you would find all over Cameron Highlands.

Lastly, Multicrops Central Market is the anchor tenant that took up the large part of the complex. The market sells potted plants, cut flowers, artificial flowers and all related accessories such as pots, garden ornaments, fertilizers and so on.

Visitors can find ornamental plants, baby cacti, flowers, tea, strawberries, crops, souvenirs and handicrafts.

Inside, visitors may also peruse household items, gardening tools, clay pots, glassware, toys and other curios scattered across different galleries.

They can also find a good collection of both BOH and Cameronian Valley teas.

The center provides a wide range of local shopping products that represent the retail industry of Camerons.

Visitors can also find eataries and bakery that serves snacks and fresh pasteries and dessert, making a good pit stop after a tiring day out in Cameron.

It is a good stopover for exploring Cameron Highlands, as there are toilets here (though you have to pay 30 sen per entry).

The market opens daily from 9am to 6pm. Make a stop next time you are in Cameron Highlands!

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 Address:   Cameron Highland, 39000, Brinchang, Pahang

016-456 2356

Everyday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  Reviews 4.1   (1,518)
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    1 of the system

    3 weeks ago

    Lots of plants for sale and to see, amazing selection!

  • image

    Pei Yeing Foo

    a month ago

    There are so many plants and flowers to purchase

    The price was reasonable and cheap
    If you bring a family and kids to visit, your kids can study and learn on the plant name to have more knowledge on the plant product ?

  • image

    Sibyl Su

    2 months ago

    A lovely stopover if you are into plants and wanting to buy them. Lots of choices, plants are healthy and the entire area is organised and clean. Beautifully decorated, staff are helpful but to use the toilet, one needs to pay 50 sen. Having said that, the toilets are clean and well-maintained.

  • image

    Ade Pebe

    5 months ago

    You should come to this place especially if you need some fresh air. So relaxing

  • image

    Rin Jid

    6 months ago

    My little adventure. One of the many good spots to visit in Cameron.

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