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Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve    

  Jalan Merbah 10/1, Seksyen 10 Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor | Visit Website |   012-352 0215
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4.3   (2,762)


Lowland forest area on 800 acres, community-managed to conserve the urban-adjacent natural space.

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Tags: Hiking Jungle Trekking

What to Expect?

Kota Damansara Community Forest is a remnant of the lowland dipterocarp forest that once cloaked Selangor. It covers just over 800 acres and is a precious refuge for flora and fauna and a much needed green lung for the urban population of Greater KL.

There are forest trails within the forest reserve for hiking. They have been carefully designed and painstakingly constructed over many years by volunteers and Temuan Orang Asli in close consultation with the Selangor Forestry Department.

So far, a total of 14 km of trails have been constructed in phases beginning with the Petaling Trail and Scouts Trail, followed by the Temuan Trail, Harmoni Trail, Sahabat Trail, and the Unity Trail which joined the access trails from the Section 9 forest entrance to the trails from Section 10. In 2017, the Serenity Trail and Salleh Trail were added to the network. The abovementioned trails are all built according to International Mountain Biking Association standards. The 3.5 km hiking loop (the Unity Peak and Denai Tiga Puteri trails) allows visitors to enjoy a panoramic view from the highest part of the Forest Reserve.

Suggestion: Hiking trails are more suitable for kids > 10 years old, there are some steep and potentially slippery section.

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 Address:   Jalan Merbah 10/1, Seksyen 10 Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Age 10 and above Visit Website Facebook Page

012-352 0215

Everyday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  Reviews 4.3   (2,762)
  • image

    Shamala Devi

    a month ago

    This hike was very interesting and fun.

    There is an entrance fee of RM2 per person and would need to register before hike.

    There are alot of monkeys around.

    As for parking, it is very limited and you have to park on the roadside. There isn't any designated parking space.

    The forest is open for hike at 7am on Saturday.

    This forest is well maintained and pretty straightforward to hike.

    For a newbie like me, it took about 2 hours to hike up and down . In total of 4 hours. Pretty exhausted when I was hiking down.

    I would like to hike again here.

    Hope mu review helps to smooth planning ur hike.

  • image


    3 months ago

    The hike took 2 hours to the top of the peak. The view at the peak is definitely worth the hike. Great place for the intermediate hikers.

  • image

    Fun activities

    6 months ago

    Entrance fees rm2. You can come as early at 7am. There is a toilet at the entrance. Actually there are 2 entrances, one from Section 9 and another one is Section 10. This location is at Section 10. Nice trail suitable for beginners. There is a green lake, some small streams and many types of trees here. Just went there and did my 11km tracking yesterday.

  • image


    a year ago

    Good for beginners who don't like slope. 1.5 hours one way with 1 hour casual walk + 0.5 hour slope (around peak). Total 3 hours hike without counting chilling on top of the peak. Scene are great, a lot people, trail not very clean, can picnic on peak. Need buy ticket. Milo ice from the entrance taste very good. Don't park your car beside the lake.

  • image

    elliza a.rahim

    2 months ago

    Revisited the Denai 3 Puteri (3 Princesses Trail) after well, 3 year absence. Having a walking pole ready helps with your trail confidence. The trails are nicely maintained, but slippery in some steep parts, especially if there's been rain in the last 12-24 hours. Bring plenty of water - depending on your pace, you could be out on the trail for 3-4 hours. On the weekend and public holidays, be prepared to park further away from the Section 10 entrance. An RM 2 fee is charged at the registration office, which goes toward maintenance.

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