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3.0   (1,443)


A small petting farm where children can pet and feed rabbits, guinea pigs and deers. They also offers donkey rides.

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What to Expect?

You can have a therapeutic time with the rabbits. It is cheap to enter the farm to have a visit. Parents can bring their kids to come here during the weekends as an education trip. Farm is selling rabbit foods which are RM 1 per packet, whereby you can feed the tame rabbits by yourself.

There have also an areas where children can interact with the rabbits. They had to climb up a small fence to get in. The fence was to avoid the rabbit from jumping out of the compound. You can even bring a small mat and have a picnic there as the weather was gorgeous and it was very cool in the breeze.
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 Address:   Bukit Tinggi, 28750, Bentong, Pahang

Weekends 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Weekdays 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  Reviews 3.0   (1,443)
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    CY Kwang

    a week ago

    I last visited this place in 2015 and there were many more animals back then and the place looked lively. Now there are only a few rabbits, ducks, birds and hamsters which all looked pretty miserable to be there.

    The rabbits are in a small enclosure looking terrorised because they’re being chased by young children and have nowhere to run or hide. The birds are in cages which were full of their own droppings. The animals there deserve better treatment than this.

    What are visitors paying to see exactly? And where is the ticket money going to? This is very disgraceful for Malaysian tourism.

  • image

    Aimerya M

    a month ago

    If they delete this review, that means they knew they are at the wrong one and don’t want to be held accountable.

    Whoever is running this place should be EDUCATED. I can’t believe the hamsters are being put in such inhumane conditions. Hamsters are SOLITARY animals and must be provided with large space. If you think “oh, but they’re small animals” then you should just shut down the place. The smallest cage you can give to these poor babies are 100x40cm!!! This is just plain animal cruelty, so please, educate yourself and make better environment for them.

    Not just the hamsters, but the rabbits are way too sad as well. They looked stressed and needs a proper management. Why do they only have 1 bottle for 10+ rabbits?

    Siapapun management nya pengen gw caci maki. Orang kaya tapi nggak berotak.

  • image

    Adam Pang

    4 months ago

    Nice place for kiddo to see rabbit
    5rm per ticket
    If go colonel first before rabbit farm
    Remember keep receipt
    It free when the people saw the ticket

  • image

    Maria Mat Said

    5 months ago

    Rabbits are clean and healthy. But the place was very small. It wld be more exciting if the rabbits are indoor aa well as outdoor. Provide infor on the rabbits..jes like the butterfly garden in Penang.

  • image

    Riu Kento

    5 months ago

    Little space to show animals,
    Shouldn't call that 's farm ??

    Anyways.... Enjoy with cute animal
    And kids

    **Toilet very dirty... All around area look not ok must Re-arrange or renovate for better.

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