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Taman Gelora    

  Jalan Dato Abdullah, Kampung Tanjung Api, 25050, Kuantan, Pahang | Visit Website |   012-364 8866
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4.2   (4,705)


Taman Gelora located in the Kampung Tanjung district of Kuantan is one of the most beautiful seaside parks in the country. It is widely popular because of the scenic view, a natural jogging path, a huge playground and a magnificent pond with blooming water lilies.

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Tags: Lake

What to Expect?

One of the major attractions at Taman Gelora is the daily 10,000 step challenge which not only gives the visitors the opportunity to get into good health in a fun way, but also takes them through the various parts of this beautifully created park and gives them the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. Taman Gelora has all the essential amenities for the eldery as well as pregnant and nursing women and is completely disabled friendly.

Taking a walk around Taman Gelora gives a feeling of serene; a park that is worthy of frequenting as it offers so much in a single place. From a lotus pond, to a lake; a casuarina forest to a sandy beach. The air at Taman Gelora is cooling most of the time, as there are shady trees along with a nice ocean breeze. Despite its appeal, it is mostly visited by locals as it is not widely publicised.

While Taman Gelora may only provide bare essential facilities, it makes up for it with breathtaking scenery. If you get bored of walking around the park, the nearby beach offers solace with its gentle waves and wide horizon. So make it a point to complete your 10,000 step quota by walking along the path, or push yourself by jogging across the sandy beach.

Taman Gelora is a place that caters to those looking for a light exercise up to those who seek and intense workout. And best of all, at no cost whatsoever.

Right across the entrance, there's a food court where you can have your breakfast or dinner after the stroll in the park.

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 Address:   Jalan Dato Abdullah, Kampung Tanjung Api, 25050, Kuantan, Pahang

Visit Website

012-364 8866

Everyday 24 hours


Jogging Track

Jogging track for parents too

  Reviews 4.2   (4,705)
  • image

    Hj. Razak Hamid

    a month ago

    Recreational activities within natural peaceful enviroment
    for the whole family...

  • image

    Moin Quazi

    a month ago

    Beautiful Park ?️ for walking, running ? and jogging. Different exercise stations are available. Multiple tracks are present. There are small lakes all around. One of them has many lotuses as well.

    Some large Malaysia lizards are present along with many ? monkeys looking for food.

    Saturday and Sundays it is more lively.

  • image

    tasmia khan

    a month ago

    Beautiful and peaceful park in the city. Nice to take a stroll around. Only portions of the lake needs little cleaning up.

  • image

    Onari Kajz

    2 months ago

    Gelora Park is a comfortable and peaceful dining spot. It is famous for food such as chicken rice, rojak, and ABC (iced dessert). It is not too close to the sea, but the sea breeze can still be felt. The parking and dining areas are spacious. It is a must-visit food spot when in Kuantan

  • image

    aviss chin

    5 months ago

    Beautiful lake park, very peaceful near the sea. Recommended for people who like to do outdoor sports and casual walks, good place for sweating. There is renovation going on there. There are public toilets near the car park. Beware of thieves in the parking lot here, theft happens a lot. My friend once encountered this situation. Monkeys and Asian water monitor can also be seen here. Gym equipment is strategically placed around the park, making it easy for anyone to exercise. I had a lot of fun and cosiness there. Sit by the lake and feel the breeze?

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