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Gadek Hot Spring    

  Jalan Gadek / Ganun, Kampung Ganun, 78000, Alor Gajah, Melaka | Visit Website |   012-769 1201
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Gadek Hot Spring or known in Malay as ‘Air Panas Gadek’ is one out of three hot spring spots in Melaka. The hot spring has a surface temperature of 56 °C with an average water flow of 5.4 litres per minute, worries not - the pools are safe for children and suitable for family outing!

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What to Expect?

This natural wonder brings natural heated water from an underground source into several pools. Up to 500 people can be accommodated in these pools and many of them (usually local) frequent it at night. The spring boasts a surface temperature of 56 degrees Celsius and an average flow rate of 5.4 litres per second.

The unique thing about Gadek Hot Spring’s pools is that the water contains hydrogen sulfide gas. Don’t worry as the water has been tested by officials and deemed to be at safe levels for human skin. It is widely believed that this gas is what contributes to the healing properties that the spring water is reported to have by the visitors who frequent it for that sole purpose. Furthermore, it has been said that having a dip in the pool helps cure skin diseases, muscle fatigue, increases metabolism rates and that other minerals found in the water helps rejuvenate the body.

The hot spring is equipped with restaurant, food stalls, children's playground, outdoor swimming pool and bathrooms.

Gadek Hot Spring is open until 9pm. It can accommodate about 500 guests at a time and it is frequently visited at night.


The Gadek’s hot spring was discovered by English soldiers during the British rule in Malaysia. It was not known by locals, but rumors has it that there’s a place where the British soldiers used to treat disease. The villagers was also curios especially when many British officers and soldiers lived near the pond. It was a well kept secret as only after the British left, the villagers found out about it.
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 Address:   Jalan Gadek / Ganun, Kampung Ganun, 78000, Alor Gajah, Melaka

Visit Website

012-769 1201

Everyday 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  Reviews 3.7   (728)
  • image

    Habibah Maarof

    in the last week

    Gadek Hot Spring is near my father's house. Now Gadek Hot Spring is still under renovation.

  • image

    Full Metal

    a month ago

    Under renovation to serve you better. Coming soon

  • image

    Asam Pedas

    10 months ago

    No signboard to say that the place is closed temporarily.The upgrade work not sure when will be completed.The body in charge should walk the talk and have a look at the project.Hopefully can enjoy the hot spring as soon as possible with work done satisfactorily.

  • image

    Syuhada Zainal

    2 months ago

    It was refreshing EXCEPT tht the toilet was so smelly and uncomfortable despite having to pay for the hotspring and its facilities. And there's some smell tht comes from the water, tht is certainly not refreshing. I hope the person in charge for the hotspring can take some action and better the place.

  • image

    misz gilo

    a year ago

    luv d places.even kids also easy to bath in the pools..

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