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4.1   (2,729)


Time Tunnel Cameron Highlands is a fascinating museum in Brinchang exhibiting a vast horde of memorabilia, artefacts and collectables from the past.

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Tags: Historical

What to Expect?

The collection has been curated by See Kok Shan, a Cameron Highlander with a passion for collecting artefacts from the early days of Cameron Highlands itself.

The museum opened in 2007, in a warehouse adjacent to a strawberry farm on the main road on the outskirts of Brinchang.

Time Tunnel describes itself as a journey back in time, and those who are middle aged or above will recognise familiar items from their younger days.

There are two exhibition levels in Time Tunnel. Hop up a short flight of steps and you'd find yourself along a narrow ledge with exhibits on the floor, on tables and on shelves at eye-level.

"This is one of the most popular sections, especially with old aunties," says See, chuckling as he recalls how an old woman, mesmerised and lost in her own memories of when she was a child herself, just stood there for the longest time. This is the kitchen section with a display of an old makeshift stove as well as charcoal stoves, kerosene stoves, charcoal iron, grinding stones, old tiffin carriers and meat-safes with wire-netting on the doors.
"Visitors, especially those aged 50 and above, are thrilled to see all these things from their childhood," says See. "notice that Singaporeans in particular, love the place and theyd bring their children and grandchildren and point out to them all the exhibits."


The museum was established in January 2007. Since then, it has continued to grow at a measured pace. Situated at the basement of Kok Lim Strawberry Farm, the split-level unit occupies a passageway that stretches for more than 80 meters. There are more than 4,000 objects and photographs on display here. They are showcased in eight galleries covering an area of approximately 14,000 square feet.


Aborigine Section
This area captures the lifestyle of the resort's natives (Orang Asli). Their tools, traps and handicrafts are exhibited on the floor and on the walls.

'Barber Shop'
The 'barber shop' is equipped with mirrors, straight razors, scissors, hair sprays, shavers, hair dryers, clippers, curlers and a broad range of combs. The walls are plastered with posters that were once used to promote barbering. The showpiece of this "shop" is the barber chair. It is more than 50 years old.

Children’s Corner
This space is filled with blackboards, school uniforms, furniture, counting aids and a variety of toys. Nearby is a cabinet that displays memorabilia like fountain pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, textbooks and school badges.

‘Coffee Shop’
Resembling an old eatery (’kopi tiam’), this setup comes complete with a cashier's counter, stools, tables, mirrors, ashtrays, matchboxes, chopsticks, spittoons, coffee cups and a collection of soft drinks. The drinks here are not for sale.

Photo Gallery
The museum is known for its assortment of old photographs. It has an inventory of more than 1,000 images.

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 Address:   Cameron Highland, 39000, Brinchang, Pahang

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Everyday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  Reviews 4.1   (2,729)
  • image

    Tricia Wong

    a month ago

    this place is a blast to the past, younger people can learn more about how life was like back then, while older people can reminisce about their childhood/youth. it is filled with a lot of exhibits showcasing many decades, starting from world war 2

    ticket pricing (as of 19/06/2023)
    RM8 for adults
    RM6 for children (12 and under)

  • image

    Syazana Nazor

    a month ago

    Entrance fee is RM8 per adult. Worth the money. The museum is so fun and actually quite big. Really recommend to everybody to check this place out.

  • image


    a month ago

    Very interesting museum with olden times antiques and times! I had a good time here reading up about the history of Cameron highlands, and looking at the relics! There are also many photo spots!

  • image

    Syahidah Edrees

    10 months ago

    Date : 02/09/22
    Bring back my childhood memories.
    Lots of old stuff but needs to maintain the
    cleanliness especially dust.

    They have Rabbit Feeding
    (1 basket for RM5) along the exit.
    Strawberry farm too
    (2 person RM35)
    but we didnt go since theres alot more
    strawberry farms that you can explore.

  • image

    Ph S.

    11 months ago

    This museum is a little treasure to see in the Cameron Highlands. You can learn about Malaysias history, the region of Cameron Highlands, and the natives of the land. It is nice and informative, but also has a lot of funny old objects from past times!

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