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Museum Samudera (Flor de La Mar)    

  Jln Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000, Melaka, Melaka | Visit Website |   06-282 6526
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4.1   (3,729)


Also known as the Maritime Museum, the museum was constructed as a replica of the Portuguese ship which sank in the coast of Malacca while on its way to Portugal. The museum houses exhibits, artifacts and documents from the golden era of Malacca.

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Tags: Historical

What to Expect?

The museum main exhibits the replica of Flor do Mar with 34 metres high, 36 metres long and 8 metres wide. The museum also houses exhibits, artifacts and documents from the golden era of Malacca and shows how political control of Malacca was essential to the establishment of maritime dominance in the region. It also displays the trading link of Malacca from the early time through the colonial era until independence.

The replica is a staggering 34 meters in height and 8 meters in width. The main focus of the museum is the maritime history of Malacca and the golden ages of Malacca's Sultanate as the Emporium of the East. There are also paintings which displays how the Straits of Malacca was a strategic location for traders from both the east and the west stop by at Malacca/Melaka and conduct their businesses while waiting for the monsoon winds to change direction.

The museum has myriads of exhibits of articles such as porcelain, silk, textile and spices used by the seamen of the yesteryears and even come sunken treasures hauled from Diana, another shipwreck. Other than exhibits on the history of the Malaccan Maritime, the museum also showcases the different eras that Malacca has gone through starting from the Malacca Sultanate era to the Portuguese era, Dutch era and ending with the British era.

For ship fanatics, there are also a collection of different ship models that are on display at the museum. You will be able to learn more about the types of ships and their functions from the collection. You can also climb up to the upper deck of the ship to view the diorama of the captain cabin. Admission into the museum is RM3 per adult and RM1 per child.

It is open daily from 9am to 5.30pm. While you are here, do not waste the opportunity to visit the other museums in the area. If you go up the St Paul's Hill to get to the St Paul's Church, will you pass by two museums along the way. They are the Architecture Museum and the Stamp Museum. There is also the Islamic Museum of Malacca which is a tad further away from the Maritime Museum.

If you are done with absorbing all the history of Malacca and the delicious food at Jonker Street, you can head over to Dataran Pahlawan for some shopping. There are many shops in it and also some restaurants which serve good food.
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 Address:   Jln Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000, Melaka, Melaka

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06-282 6526

Everyday 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  Reviews 4.1   (3,729)
  • image

    Steffi Kwan

    in the last week

    Was last at this museum when I was a child and thought that the ship was cool and I still think so upon visiting again recently. Also quite interesting to learn about Melaka's history as a port even though the museum is not very big. A must-see for me.

  • image

    Wah Jian Pu

    4 weeks ago

    Poor experience, Google mention 9am open but there put up sign "Buka 9:30am"

    Meaning open at 9:30am. Many facilities no open not sure if it's still functioning or not.

    Don't waste your money.

    Advise to the local authorities with these kind of work attitude and quality don't ever think this landmark will bring any income

  • image

    Prabhu J

    a month ago

    You can visit once and can spend around 1hr here..
    This is 3building to visit
    1. Ship - Access to the ship was a good experience.
    2. Next building with paintings about culture, sea life etc
    3. Other building located opposite to the road - you can explore flights and etc.

  • image

    Brian Melling

    3 months ago

    Good display of artifacts in the Flor de la Mar. Unfortunately some parts of the ship shows decay and requires attention. Stairs leading up to the upper deck is pretty steep and dangerous but that is probably an original design. Captains cabin was unfortunately locked. Overall a good educated visit.

  • image

    Peter Boyes OAM

    5 months ago

    Being a naval man, this was a must for me. A very well laid out museum full of history and things to see. I loved the photos and navy toys on display.

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