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Paddy Gallery Sekinchan    

  Lot No, Ban 2, 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, 45400, Sekinchan, Selangor | Visit Website |   016-215 7028
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4.1   (4,120)


A visitor gallery within the largest rice mill in Sekinchan, with various exhibits and a tour to learn about rice cultivation in Malaysia.

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What to Expect?

Sekinchan is one of the major rice producing regions in Malaysia. The paddy gallery, which is owned by PLS Group - a major player in the cultivation, processing, packaging and distribution of rice, is built within their rice mill and open to public.

Learn about Rice Cultivation

The entrance fee is RM 5.00 come with a 250g pack of rice!

Upon entering the Gallery, the visitors will be shown a short video clip lasting about 10 minutes. The video clip shows how paddy field was ploughed, how paddy seedlings were planted and how paddy was harvested. It was very informative and educational.

Visitors will then be greeted by a tour guide, who will proceed to guide visitors through the process of paddy plantation and their mechanized harvesting.

The visitor section of the rice mill has several pieces of agricultural machinery like rice transplanters. For those who wish to learn more about rice cultivation, Paddy Gallery (稻米展览馆) provides a more in-depth introduction.


You can buy their staple product, Pearl Rice (珍珠米), at the factory. Also known as Japanese rice, their rice has a different and fuller texture.

Visitors can also sample desserts and snacks made of rice, that can be purchased from their shop (that visitors will be in after the tour).

The rice in Sekinchan is harvested twice a year – the middle of the year (around May and June) and the end of the year (around November and December). These are the best periods to visit the gallery. Sowing is done in between March and April as well as August and September. The paddy field is a vast expanse of green during sowing months and turns into a golden sea during the harvest period.

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 Address:   Lot No, Ban 2, 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, 45400, Sekinchan, Selangor

Visit Website Facebook Page

016-215 7028

Everyday 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  Reviews 4.1   (4,120)
  • image

    Justin Lam

    a week ago

    The paddy fields are a great place to take pictures, and there is also a warehouse (akine to a farmer's market?) where you may purchase rice related products. There are also some summer treats like the mango sweet rice and sweet rice desserts that can be purchased here.

  • image

    Chee Ho Wong

    2 weeks ago

    very organised and systematic collection or gallery of rice paddy plantation. Just for a small token of entrance fee (which you will be given a small pack of local rice as token). There were video shows and guided briefing along the showcases upstairs. There was a souvenir shop downstairs selling local rice, food, snacks, and trinkets.

  • image


    2 months ago

    Located at sekinchan. Entrance fee includes a small packet of rice. Guides will explain how the rice are made, the types and benefits of them. Good place to pop by if you like to find out more on how grains are harvested etc.

  • image

    Soo Zi Xiang

    3 months ago

    There is a RM5 entrance fee for the air-conditioned paddy gallery, which includes a free 250g bag of rice. The tour begins with an introduction to the cultivation and production of paddy, followed by a 6-minute video.

    Outside, visitors can observe the machinery used in rice farming and antique equipment used for harvesting paddy fields. The tour is brief, lasting only about 20 minutes.

    After the tour, visitors can browse the shopping area. While the rice grains are overpriced, the rice crackers are superb and a must-try. Visitors can even watch a demonstration of the rice popping process. The rice crackers are fragrant and made purely from rice without any additives, but are a bit pricey at RM10 per packet (about 15 pieces).

    Unfortunately, we didn't have the opportunity to try their brown rice cendol as there were no staff members available.

  • image

    Wong Wah Meng

    4 months ago

    This is a rice factory with an exhibition centre plus rice grocery shop.

    The ticket is RM5 per person and you get 280g pack of rice for free. If you're coming with 4 people, you're paying 1kg of rice with the price of RM20.

    The exhibit area can be covered less than 20 minutes, most of the time is spend watching the presentation video which is great for kid.

    Once you step out that area, you will arrive at grocery store that sell rice product. If you're not buying anything, you need to remember you already paid RM20 for 1kg of rice.

    So in the end, you actually coming to buy rice with a little bit of information sharing.

    Still worth a visit if you're coming to Sekinchan.

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