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4.1   (1,232)


Also known as Agarwood Sanctuary, the Tea Valley is Malaysia's first and largest organic plantation of Gaharu/Agarwood. Visitors can take a breather walking in the lush greens , feeding tortoises and fish, while snapping those Instagram worthy images at all their scenic sites.

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What to Expect?

Bring your family to visit Gaharu Tea Valley. Spend some time bathing with the aura of 200,000 Gaharu Trees. It's believed that hugging a Gaharu Tree is auspicious and it has good healing properties just by breathing the fresh air in the plantation. Children can try out our Gaharu Ice Cream, Gaharu Jelly and lots more. They also serve food at HOGA Deli outlet.

In Chinese they are known as "务边沉香山茶园".



Located at our highest elevation over 100 meters, the Hilltop provides a scenic view of our plantation and the beautiful 100 million years old Titiwangsa range around Gopeng. It’s a great place to just relax and unwind while you have some Gaharu tea or coffee with some Gaharu toast.


Have a nature walk between the nicely planted Gaharu trees while you breathe in all the healthy negative ions. Science has proven the healing powers oh hugging a tree and here we encourage you to take as much time to just distress by hugging any trees you like, including the painted animal themed trees. Don’t forget to feed the fish and the rare tortoises living here too.


This small garden was set up to celebrate the legendary love story of two very special trees from this forest. The trees are in love and here we want people to express their love and fall in love again. Make your lovers wish here and lock it as a sign of eternal love.


Once you have taken a tour around the plantation, its time to get the one of a kind Gaharu ice cream and then go into our cool HOGA shop to try out our HOGA tea.

Admission fees for Gaharu Tea Valley
Single Adult - RM10
Senior and Child (Age 2 to 12) - RM5

HOGA Ride & One Box HOGA Tea (10 packets)

Single Adult - RM35
Senior and Child (Age 2 to 12) - RM25
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Look Around


 Address:   Jalan Sungai Itek, 31600, Gopeng, Perak

Visit Website Facebook Page

05-351 1999

Everyday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  Reviews 4.1   (1,232)
  • image

    Alan Chung

    a week ago

    Very well maintained place. There is a free visitor centre where you walk around, get some food or buy some of their products. Alternatively, you can pay for a tour.

    Be aware, the road leading to it can be very narrow - barely able to accommodate 2 passing vehicles. Drive carefully

  • image

    pching tan

    3 weeks ago

    Is a great place to visit.
    Need to pay for a entrance fee - 1 adult RM10. 1 ticket give a pack of tea bag. Worth for the ticket.
    Can see nice scenery view. There have a van bring to the top of the hill look Gaharu tree ?

  • image

    Kev Tan

    a month ago

    A nice place to hang out during weekend. Not so crowded if you come early. RM10 per adult and RM5 for kids and they have a mini van that bring you up the hill for beautiful scenery of the surrounding. There is a cafe and shop selling Gaharu products if you're interested.

  • image

    Jesse Chin

    3 months ago

    Good place to visit. Clean and well maintained. Tea also tastes good but is a little pricey. We need to buy tickets for a small tour with 3 stops. The driver will explain the history of the valley but one of the driver asked for tips. Ice cream is a must to try.

  • image

    Chee Zheng Yang

    3 months ago

    A back to nature & tourist spot in Gopeng, Perak. Just 40 minutes away from Ipoh. They known as Malaysia’s largest gaharu plantation.

    Know this place for quite a long time but didn’t have a chance to visit here. Bring my cousin from Australia & their children to pay a visit.

    Entrance fee for 12 years old & above RM10, Below 12 years old RM5, & FOC for 4 years old & below.

    They got a total 4 sections

    Entrance with Light Food & Gaharu product shop which is free to enter. They sell F&B product using agarwood such as soft serve ice cream, tea, herbal egg & etc. Inside the shop also got instant noodle using Ghararu, essential oil, coffee, tea & agar wood.

    They provided a van to fetch us to each of the station.

    1st station - Viewing Stage & Hilltop Cafe. They got a few different floor to look at the plantation, but got nothing impressive on the view, it would be good if there is someone or video to introduce about the tea valley. The telescope is not functioning.

    2nd Station - Hugging Park. Have quite a big expectation here as the station name sound interesting, however there is no clear instruction on what we can do here other than hugging at a random gaharu tree ourself. However there are some fish pond & turtle/tortoise which attract the kids.

    3rd Station - Lovers Park & Waterfall. There is a short distance to walk back to the entrance along artificial waterfall, photo spot & butterfly.

    Overall concept is good, but there is also room to improve to make it a better tourist spot.

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