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Desaru Ostrich Farm    

  Jalan Telok Ramunia, Kampung Changi, 81600, Pengerang, Johor | Visit Website |   07-826 5846
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3.9   (328)


One of the biggest Ostrich farms in Malaysia. Raising over 200 ostriches, visitors can get up close with the ostriches in the farm and feast their eyes on the largest bird species known.

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Tags: Animals

What to Expect?

Located in the southern part of Johor, Desaru Ostrich Farm is the largest ostrich farm in Malaysia with over 200 ostriches. You can see young baby chicks to adult full size ostriches here.

A caretaker of the ostriches will be your personal tour guide, touring and guiding you throughout the farm. Interesting facts of those ostriches will be shared and explained by the caretaker. The admission fees to the farm are divided into adult fee and children fee respectively. Adult fee is at the rate of RM12 whereas it is RM8 for children.

Visitors can get up close with the manifigcent birds and have plenty of opportunities to take photos with them.

Most of the ostriches are fenced up and only some are roaming freely in the farm which allows visitors to get up close and take pictures with. If your children feel brave enough, they can also try feeding and riding on the ostrich with an extra fee.

There will be some simple exhibits of ostrich eggs, the hatching process where you might catch the glimpse of baby ostrich, and learn basic information about their biology.

Visitors can also sample some delicacies and dishes of ostrich meat and eggs in their restaurant.

There are many varieties of crafts and products selling in the farm as souvenirs such as decorative lamp shades and an ostrich egg.

Apart from the Ostrich Farm, Desaru is famous for its beach Desaru Beach and other attractions. Checkout those places on our website too!
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 Address:   Jalan Telok Ramunia, Kampung Changi, 81600, Pengerang, Johor

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07-826 5846

Everyday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  Reviews 3.9   (328)
  • image

    Chun Leng Ke

    3 weeks ago

    Truly memorable trip and great experience for our family.. we learnt so much from the guides and the boss, Uncle Teh. They are really hospitable, warm and passionate about the farm. Ostriches are mild; kids overcome their fears and had so much fun feeding them. However, we were told that there is 1 cheeky ostrich which loves to “steal” spectacles and hats of visitors. ? and the omelette is so delicious that boys requested for second serving.

  • image

    Zhanrong Liang

    a month ago

    It will be nice if you bring kids to experience the farm culture. Ostrich feeding and introduction to different stages of the ostrich growing, and not forgetting to try out the ostrich omelette and ostrich satay.

  • image

    Roxanne Lek

    a month ago

    Onward to the ostrich farm. Its so hot the birds are hiding. With a bunch of feeds in our hands, we got chased by the birds in a slow mo manner ? * just hide the feeds from their sight and you will be fine..

    Kudos to the main attraction guy. He is so informative throughout and making this attraction amazing

    The small shop beside sells the eggs omelette and satay ostrich meat.

  • image

    Bryan Hui

    2 months ago

    A pretty good overall experience, first time seeing ostriches. Farm seemed well maintained, entrance fee is 20 ringgit with cheap ways to feed the ostriches.

    They only have 3 food dishes (Omelette, Teppanyaki and Satay), price not very cheap but unique. Would recommend if it’s your first time trying ostrich meat!

  • image

    Planet Mars 2033

    3 months ago

    1. Might miss if drove too fast, follow the banner to access the road
    2. Ticket office can buy ticket on spot
    3. Briefing by staff and the person shared he was ex tiger trainer.
    4. Close encountered with the faster birds and kids able to ride if the kid less than 20kg for photo taking(optional) RM30
    5. Food is fantastic - RM36 satay is soft and tender juicy

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