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Cameron Highland Butterfly Garden    

  MDCH 3, Batu 43, Green Cow, 39100 Kea Farm, Brinchang, 39000, Brinchang, Pahang | Visit Website |   05-496 1364
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3.8   (3,603)


Butterfly Garden is a live insect gallery and zoological garden located at Kea Farm, nestled along the main road 3km after Brinchang town. One of Cameron Highland's oldest tourist attractions, Butterfly Garden features a large enclosure erected along a hill slope that contains butterflies and live insects displayed in aquariums.

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Tags: Animals

What to Expect?

Visitors may view beetles, mantids and phasmids of different shapes and sizes along with other native and exotic creatures. The park also has a tortoise pen, scorpion pond, reptile exhibit (mostly snakes and lizards), aviary, petting zoo and flower garden. Open daily from morning till evening, a ticket fee is charged per adult/child.

The Butterfly Garden stocks a variety of insects, reptiles, mammals and birds housed on a landscaped garden with festoons of orchids, ferns, vines and other greenery. Another attached garden is filled with flowers such as roses and hibiscus with streams of Rajah Brooke butterflies. If coming from Brinchang town, the Butterfly Garden is located at right after the Butterfly Farm, so don't get confused. If coming from Simpang Pulai, then the Butterfly Garden will be the first on your left.

Butterflies will usually be soaring everywhere, but this may be seasonal. As the butterflies need to be restocked every week due to their short lifespan (14 days after metamorphosis), there are times when the butterflies can be few. Fortunately, the butterflies are not the only thing to look at. Glass enclosures along the pathway house creatures such as snakes, lizards, insects and furry rodents.

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 Address:   MDCH 3, Batu 43, Green Cow, 39100 Kea Farm, Brinchang, 39000, Brinchang, Pahang

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05-496 1364

Everyday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  Reviews 3.8   (3,603)
  • image

    yongkang chia

    2 weeks ago

    chose to be here based on the review from other visitors that this place is much more than the butterfly itself...despite the name, it does have cacti turkeys, frogs, scorpions, guinea pigs and also sheep which the kids enjoyed feeding..this also made us decide to skip the " sheep sanctuary". rm10 per adult and rm5 per child above 3 years old. absolutely worth it!

  • image

    James Munday

    3 weeks ago

    Overall: This is basically a mini zoo. Butterflies are a side attraction to the rest. On one hand nice to see some animals, on the other hand this place needs a solid clean, more information and more space for its attractions.

    Main attraction: The butterfly farm 'room' was small but nice. Several species of butterfly around the room. Also some nice places to actually see where they make their chrysalis. There are gaps for butterflies to escape, so the local area is populated with butterflies. However there was very little information for curious people. Even a leaflet on which butterflies you can see would be nice.

    Side attractions: Ducks, racoons, 2 kangaroos with a baby, a herd of sheep, a mighty rooster, 2 dirty white peacocks, confused meercats, gophers, a chipmunk, some kind of fox, 2 copped up bengal cats, guineapigs, a fish house, snakes, spiders and other insects... This place is more a mini-zoo than a butterfly farm. There is hand feeding for the rabbits and sheep.

    Problems: (1) Info. Most pens did not even tell you what animal it was. There is no signage, no handout... An afternoon with a printer could solve all of this.
    (2) Activities. A 'spot the butterflies worksheet' would take a few minutes to make, be educational and keep kids engaged.
    (3) Space. Seeing 2 bengal cats pacing in that small cage is sad. Seeing the meerkats in a concrete cage was heartbreaking (they are burrowing animals). The kangaroo has very limited space and a lot of the large birds are so cooped that they just drag their fine plumage in the mud. Everything there needs more space.
    (4) Cleanliness, maintenance and staffing. The dirty, broken toilets, the animal filth everywhere, the cobwebs in the rafters, the broken screens in the butterfly house, the maze of concrete paths they have added over the years - this place needs some investment to renovate. Just a few more staff to give it a good clean would be a start. It seems that the one guy hosing rabbit poop and selling animal feed is not enough to run a zoo...

    Cost: RM10 for an adult is ok. RM10 to feed some animals is also fine, but they need to re-invest in the park (not the attractions). Start by pressure washing the whole place regularly - up and down. Then take out those succulents and make a better duck /turkey enclosure...

  • image

    chu xuan

    a month ago

    Disappointed in the lack of butterflies and proper care for the animals. More like a sad mini zoo.

    It's nice to see such a wide array of species here, but if you have a heart I think you would feel bad for them.

    The rabbits live in small cages on cold hard metal wires. Just look at my photo! One long line of metal cages for 20 rabbits. No wonder they look so depressed. The sole kangaroo and stick insect too.

    Happy to see species like the sheep, cats, and dessert foxes have adequate space and stimulation. But many fish are kept together in very small tanks. They cant swim around without touching others! The poor long-necked turtle will soon have a sprained neck since it has to keep turning in that small cage.

    i did see some tiger butterflies and maybe a common rose? but some are dead or injured and honestly... left with a heavy heart to think i contributed to this poorly managed zoo.

    dont expect to pet any animals here except the rabbits. if you want petting and feeding experience, best to go secret night garden (for goats, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, fish) or sheep sanctuary.

  • image


    2 months ago

    A bit of a mess and I'm not an expert, but some animals don't look that happy. A bit worn down and to be honest: sad. I would no recommend.

  • image


    6 months ago

    Despite the name is Butterfly farm, butterflies themselves are not that many, but still surprisingly the highlight here should be the mini petting zoo. Can feed sheep and rabbit. They are so cute and friendly even they will come outside the fence to approach during the feeding.
    The landscape is interesting got many steps, could be light workout for adult.
    The price can consider cheap.
    Price adult: RM10, kids above 2yold: RM5

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