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4.1   (1,084)


Segari Turtle Sanctualy is a turtle nursery and hatching center, that also serves as a visitor information center that educates the public on the conservation and protection of sea turtle. The Hatching Centre releases between 2,500 and 3,500 turtle hatchlings annually into the sea since 1990.

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What to Expect?

Segari Turtle Sanctualy is a relatively modest turtle nursery and visitor information center. The facility is a hatching center and has 3 ponds for turtles: The newly born, the juvenile and the adult tutles are inside each ponds.

Entrance is free with an option for donation (donation box was in an obscure place near the nursery). Visitors has the option of feeding the turtles at RM5 per bucket of turtle feedings, it's worth every penny to see the turtles wake up from their lazy slumber.

There's also a simple souvenir stall within the center that visitor can purchase souvenirs.

What you get to experience? See the turtles up close. You'll get to know and educate yourself of different stages of the turtle's life cycle. The hatchery is also open for viewing. No tour guide provided though. Just take your time to read the information signage. Entrance is free. There are toilets and surau. No cafe inside or nearby.

If you noticed so many flies that's possibly due to chicken farms are located around this area.

There's a sandy beach (Pasir Pantai Panjang) just right beside the center. The beach is nice for a strolling after the visit. Not that the water not that clear and beware of jelly fish. At this long stretch of sandy beach is where the turtles used to come to lay their eggs.

Getting Here

If you are in Lumut or Sitiawan area, use the bridges that connects the town of Sitiawan to Segari. follow the signage to Kampung Acheh/Segari or Swiss Garden Resort and you will cross 3 beautiful bridges that provide a panoramic view of the Dindings River and the estuaries.

Go towards the Lumut Power Plant direction and you will reach the signage "Pusat Penetasan Penyu, Pasir Panjang Segari". Follow the direction and you will reach this place in approximately 35 minutes, if you are coming from Sitiawan.

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Look Around


 Address:   34900, Lumut, Perak

Facebook Page

016-497 9542

Everyday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  Reviews 4.1   (1,084)
  • image

    Dr. Terry KSYee

    a month ago

    Recommended place to educate kids about the protection of the animal and nature. Happy can see many turtles here. Free parking and free to enter.

  • image

    Janie Martin

    3 months ago

    5 stars for the turtle sanctuary! It’s pretty informational but there were no staff available for us to ask questions or make any donations.. the office was closed too.. note the different operation times during the fasting month.

  • image

    Shixian Huang

    4 months ago

    Quiet place and free entry. Plenty of info board to let you know about sea turtles, their life cycle and why we need to protect them.

    No guide there to show you around so it will be free to roam which takes about 30 mins or so to complete the entire place.

    Ice cream man is also there for you to get some ice cream for your kids in the hot weather. Closes at 5pm.

  • image

    Michael Bourne

    6 months ago

    Interesting place to visit and learn about turtle conservation and care of the environment.
    Development needs completion and maintenance to safeguard the investment for the longevity of this project.
    Worthwhile tourist attraction which deserves support of visitors.

  • image

    Mr Ray 4435

    8 months ago

    On average, it is quite suitable for a stopover for families with small children to gain a little knowledge about the turtle species that exist in Malaysia. Without charging any fees and has a rest area and toilets for public facilities. A very beautiful view facing the beach. There are several stalls around the front of the premises.

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