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Cultural Centre (Gelanggang Seni) Kota Bharu    

  Jalan Mahmood, Bandar Kota Bharu, 15200, Kota Bharu, Kelantan | Visit Website |   09-748 3543
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3.9   (108)


Gelanggang Seni is the Kota Bharu town's cultural center and where you should head for this region's dose of Malay tradition. Admission is free and you'll be able to see top spinning, silat martial arts demonstration and kite making.

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What to Expect?

Kelantan has a rich cultural heritage and is home to one of the earliest empires in Asia. In the city of Kota Bharu, Gelanggang Seni serves as the primary avenue for showcasing the best of Kelantanese cultural arts and performances. Admission is completely free and the shows are especially designed to be children-friendly.

Experience the true Malay heritage at this cultural centre with Wayang Kulit (shadow puppetry), Silat (art of self-defense), Gasing (top spinning), Wau (traditional kite), Rebana (big drum) performances and Silat (Malay Martial Arts).

The government and tourism board hold events here to promote the traditional forms of art, dance, martial arts and more. Local cultural events, including gasing uri (top-spinning), silat (a Malay martial art), kite-making, drumming and shadow-puppet shows are held regularly at Gelanggang Seni. The events are kid-friendly and all are free.

You will even be able to join in the chicken-feather-ball game which is fun for all ages.

Please also check out for show times for Wayang Kulit - or shadow play, a traditional performance involving colorful and intricately designed puppets behind a screen lit up by oil lamps while a story with moral values is told by the puppet master.


- Monday, Wednesday, Saturday: 3/3.30-5.30 P.M. – a mix of activities ranging from Gasing (top spinning), Silat (martial arts), Rebana Ubi (drum beating), Batik painting and demo on request, Congkak (game of marbles), Wau Bulan (moon kite making and flying), Dikir Barat (singing and music) and Kertok (coconut husk percussion) on a rotation basis.

- Wed: 9-11 P.M. Wayang Kulit (shadow play)

- Closed: November-January, Ramadan month

What to Expect

- Different sections for various activities
- Auditorium for cultural shows
- Souvenir shop
- Café serving local delights
- Iced beverage for visitors
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Look Around


 Address:   Jalan Mahmood, Bandar Kota Bharu, 15200, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Visit Website Facebook Page

09-748 3543

  Reviews 3.9   (108)
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    Steven Schwanbeck

    2 weeks ago

    Closed for renovations. Thanks for the lack of update /s ?

  • image

    Jack Lim

    9 months ago

    Worth the effort to visit this place. Spend sometime to refer to Kelantan tourism webpage to ensure the place is opened and with performance during your visit.

    The entire performance is around 30 -40 mins. Include traditional music and "silat" , than explanation of the making of puppet for "wayang kulit". They also invited the visitors to join them in playing the traditional drum.

  • image


    4 months ago

    25.03.2022 - this place had become place for covid quarantine. No updates from offical website... had to know it the hard way... ?

  • image

    Aznan Mohd

    a year ago

    Almost all kind of printing u desire available here.

  • image

    Meriyn Rees

    2 years ago

    Traditional music, martial art, on spinning and dance on Wednesday 3.30-5.30. Well worth a visit

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