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Putuo Village    

  1488, Jalan Kampung, Off, Jalan Kota Tinggi - Kluang, Felda Taib Andak, 81000, Kulai, Johor | Visit Website |   011-2200 1818
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4.4   (4,024)


Hidden in the southern part of Malaysia, located in a lush Bamboo Forest is a spiritual sanctuary for every soul seeker. A place where nature, bright colours compound lightens up the whole village into an instaworthy destination for all!

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What to Expect?

Putuo Village started off as a simple Buddhist temple about 15 years ago. But it has now become a “spiritual sanctuary” of sorts.

In this 43 acres village, a magnificent hall and a Guanyin Statue stand in harmony with the tranquil bamboo forest. Putuo Village is built as a unique cultural village to exhibit the splendor of Buddhism arts and stories, to attract tourists with the unique element of discovering culture and immersing in nature.

Legend says, bamboo forest is the place where Guan Yin meditates, and both has an inexplicable affinity. With this impression, Putuo Village is built as a unique cultural village to exhibit the splendor of Buddhism arts and stories, to attract tourists with unique element of discovering culture and immersing in nature.

Travelers from afar, regardless of age, may pay respect to solemn Buddha statue, temple as well as to enjoy the relaxing ambience and epic scenery.


Bamboo Forest

The whole Bamboo Forest is quite and serene, with some natural whispering from the forest itself due to the wind and also bamboo leaves. The hidden Buddha statue placed behind the tall piles of bamboo canopies will surprise you. The Buddha statue welcome and receive every visitors into the Nature’s realm, making a great getaway for meditation and also prayers. You will find many instaworthy spots, including a Bamboo Rainbow Backdrop.

Hanging Nests and Beds

Walk around Putuo Village and you’ll stumble upon hanging nests that were inspired by actual the weaver bird nests found around the village. Besides their hanging nests, stretch your legs and explore other areas of the village. Look out for the lush bamboo forest, shrines, and rainbow backdrops. If you know your best angles, you can turn it into an Instagram-worthy picture too.

Similarly you can find hanging beds that looks as if it is floating in the air, giving an opportunity for a unique photo shoot.

Wishing Tree

Take the opportunity to make a wish under the wishing tree! Purchase a ribbon and write your wishes down, then toss it high up to the tree to make your wish come true!

Fat Bamboo Cafe

After touring around Putuo Village, do visit Fat Bamboo Cafe that is tucked away in the Bamboo Forest. A great place to stop by to enjoy the green scenery outside with some cakes and beverages.


Beside the pretty instaworthy spots, do visit the temple to pay your respect and enjoy the relaxing ambience.

There's also a pond where visitors can feed fishes.

The temple is also well lit up at night, giving the entire place a vibrant atmosphere. The decoration would be diversified during festive seasons like

For a unique cultrural experience, please make sure to drop by Putuo Village the next time you are in Johor!

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Look Around


 Address:   1488, Jalan Kampung, Off, Jalan Kota Tinggi - Kluang, Felda Taib Andak, 81000, Kulai, Johor

Visit Website Facebook Page

011-2200 1818

Everyday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  Reviews 4.4   (4,024)
  • image

    Ma Shun

    3 weeks ago

    Visiting Putuo Village is an enriching and serene experience. this Buddhist center combines spiritual nourishment with beautiful architecture and stunning landscapes.

    Walking into the grounds, you'll be greeted by tranquility, making it the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The temple is an architectural marvel, with intricate designs that display a wonderful fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

    It's an active place of worship, but visitors are welcomed warmly. Whether you're there to learn about Buddhist culture, find some inner peace, or simply appreciate the beauty of the temple, Putuo Village caters to all.

    The gardens are meticulously maintained and full of natural beauty, and a walk around the compound will reveal several sculptures and monuments, each with its own story.

    Do remember to respect the customs and the peaceful ambiance. Overall, Putuo Village is a hidden gem offering a unique and peaceful experience, well worth the visit!

  • image

    Zhang Wei

    3 weeks ago

    Visited the bamboo park in the Putuo village during Sat pm. There are some photo taking spots with one small playground for kids. Entrance fee is RM 5 for Malaysia citizen and 10 for non-Malay citizens, kid below 12 free which is more for their maintenance. Some hot popular spots need to queue as quite some people. Easily spending 1-2 hrs inside with kids, we arrive around 4pm and out at 6pm as they are closing at 6pm. Also tried their bamboo ice-cream with two flavors mocha or charcoal, cost RM10 each. It is a nice place for a quick afternoon activities.

  • image

    R N

    a month ago

    Recommended to check out this place. Tranquil and quiet on a weekend late afternoon. Many photo spots and the temple is at the other side. However, weather was really warm when visiting. Luckily the cafe is good and relaxing with air conditioning.

  • image

    Aashitha Upadhyaya

    a month ago

    Scenic place with photo friendly setups.
    Entrance fee is RM5 For bamboo forest.
    The temple inside is beautiful and clean. As a tourist we found the prayer walk very fascinating. A good place to spend a day along with the kids. Parking place is available. It was easy to take Grab while going from Johor, but it was difficult to find one and had to wait for almost 45 minutes while returning.
    The ice cream served in bamboo cups are very tasty but have to wait in the queue for some time.

  • image

    Jonathan Lyon

    a month ago

    A wonderful to pass an afternoon, the temple is beautiful, well maintained and amazing to walk around. The prayer walk is equally as fascinating and leads to the bamboo forest. This was an exciting walk with many intriguing photo opportunities. There is a great adventure playground for kids. The terrapins were also very cool.

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