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Pantai Redang Sekinchan Beach    

  Pantai Redang Sekinchan, 25, Jalan Jpt, 45400, Sekinchan, Selangor
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3.8   (3,727)


Often seen on TV, Pantai Redang (热浪沙滩) is a popular tourist destination in Sekinchan. The public beach is situated near the end of the town's main canal.

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Tags: Beach Picnic

What to Expect?

About 1.5 to 2 hours drive away from Klang valley, the Redang Beach Sekinchan or Pantai Redang is a popular spot for road trips and food trips.

The beach is ideal for a walk and strolling, with various sights and spots to visit around the beach area.

Visitors may find huts, swings, sign boards, playground and verndors with bubble equipments for rental - however it is not suitable for swimming, snorkeling or diving.

In the evening when the weather is not so not, the sandy beach is a popular place to fly kites. Pantai Redang is also a great spot to watch the golden sunset over the sea.

Adjacent to the beach, visitors can find a fishing village with fishing boats entering and exiting the village. There's a small platform that extends to the shore.

While you are here, be sure to take a picture with the iconic ‘I Love Sekinchan’ board.

Wishing Tree

Another must-visit spot will of course be the Sekinchan Wishing Tree which can be found in Redang Beach area. This tree will be hard to miss as it is a huge tree with thousands of red ribbons dangling from the tree branches. This is also one of the main attractions there so don’t walk away without making a wish by throwing the red ribbon that is knotted with coins onto the tree.

Besides that, one can also pray for everything good at the Wishing Tree Temple located at Redang Beach Sekinchan. Other than that, there are also many stalls selling local delicacies like prawn crackers, dried seafood snacks, fresh produce and other seafood dishes where you can also get a taste of the local cuisines served there.


The Redang Beach is also strategically located near to many local seafood restaurants in the Bagan area so a delicious seafood meal whilst watching the beautiful sunset will be a perfect end to your trip there! Not only that, there are also fun activities in Redang Beach Sekinchan like playing with soap bubbles and kite flying which is really suitable for kids or for adults who just wants to relive some childhood memories.

Fun Fact:

The beach became famous especially after the TVB Drama, Outbound Love (單戀雙城) , that have their set and scenes shot at a few spots near to the beach.
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 Address:   Pantai Redang Sekinchan, 25, Jalan Jpt, 45400, Sekinchan, Selangor

Everyday 24 hours
  Reviews 3.8   (3,727)
  • image

    Nani N

    a month ago

    Good healing place.
    There's a lot of seat available so no need to bring carpet.
    And beautiful sunset.

  • image

    Leanie Toh

    3 months ago

    Love this beach and the decors but unfortunately not meant for swimming. No sandy beach. Its next to a fishing jetty. Can see fishing boats coming back in at noon. Nice place for bird watching too. The sea was calm and very relaxing. I love the 3 different tree houses. Would be great for family picnics with attached swings and slide though a bit rundown. There is a chinese temple, food stalls, snack and souvenir stalls nearby. The locally produced pure guava juice was very refreshing...RM5 for a std small bottle. Will be back to see sunset one day.

  • image


    4 months ago

    Went on a sunday evening during school holidays. Place was packed with people. happening area with people taking pictures, flying kites, fishing or just enjoying the sea view.

    Beach is not sandy , covered with shells
    Water not clear
    Not suitable for swimming as doesnt appear clean

    There are stalls selling food and drinks, ice cream
    A lot of chinese stalls with an impressive variety of fresh seafood and shellfishes .price reasonable.

    Beautiful sunset ,however its a little bit humid. theres not much sea breeze here

    Interesting tree houses

  • image

    Rafidah AbdulAziz

    5 months ago

    A popular tourist seaside spot. Good hangout place in the evening with white & fine sandy beaches. Many stalls selling food, dried food and souvenirs. Not suitable for swimming.
    The beach is super windy and fun for flying kites.

  • image

    Zan Fal

    6 months ago

    Quite a tourist area. The beach isn't very beautiful nor clear. However it's interesting to see shells covered the beach instead of sand. However, there are many instagrammable spot to take insta worthy photos. There is a tree house and many places to buy snacks and souvenirs. There is a temple nearby and you can make wishes.

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