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4.3   (66)


Perting Waterfall (Lata Hammers) is a hidden gem of waterfall in the bentong area. This waterfall pours into an Olympic-sized pool, and is one of the most beautiful that can be found near KL.

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Tags: Hiking Picnic Waterfall Camping

What to Expect?

Perting Pandak Waterfall aka Lata Hammers is still quite the hidden gem of accessible waterfalls. At the Karak highway, exit to Bukit Tinggi and follow the old road to Bentong. It is a quiet, beautiful stretch but be careful not to hit cyclists who love the smooth, winding road.

The water volume from the fall is usually high throughout the year, even in the dry season and the pool is huge. There are several suitable campsites around. It is only a 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur followed by a 1.5-hour hike that rewards hikers with the unforgettable experience of a waterfall lagoon in the middle of the forest. The fall can be reached via the scenic but winding old trunk road that connects Bukit Tinggi to Bentong.

Just like a lagoon, the pool has a sandy and deep bank. The beach starts shallow and gets deeper further out. Ropes strung across the deep end serve as a marker and for support. Visitors are advised to swim within the rope sections.

There are also hiking trails in the area to explore the vast and rich tropical Bentong forest. A vague trail to the right of the fall leads to the upper fall, which is more modest, but also has a nice pool. Upstream the river becomes quiet.

This waterfall is a relatively unknown and therefore unspoilt gem, quite near KL.
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 Address:   28700, Bentong, Pahang

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  Reviews 4.3   (66)
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    Azman Ahmad

    3 months ago

    Lata Hammer Waterfall -
    Situated at Lembah Perting in the District of Bentong, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.
    It's also known as 'Perting Falls' @ 'Perting Pandak Waterfall'. A waterfall with a white sandy beach, good sightseeing, peaceful place, serene and quite crowded. Nice place to chill and take a dip in a large pool with crystal clear and clean water. Worth it, cool and refreshing surrounded by the greeneries forest.
    You can reach there by 4wd, bike, cycle or hike/walk. The distance is about 2km with the duration around 1.5hours ++ (two-way/ascent and descent). There's a few challenges, walk on dirt road/track, crossing the small river and hike up to the waterfall/camping site.
    Be careful during the raining season and avoid swim near to the waterfall due to safety factor. The dark area is deep which're considered quite dangerous to bathe in and have a reputation for strong currents stream and whirlpools, it may sudden drown you.
    The toilet and changing room available at the camp site. Some people testing their luck to catch live fishing bait like kelah and tengas fish. Keep the area clean, what you bring in you should bring out! Don't do the don't and don't mess with the nature... ?
    Noted: 'Nowadays it's close temporarily for recreational and outdoor activities until the further notice'

  • image

    Jimmy Chew

    10 months ago

    Riverbank shore has extended further out to the waters. Campers to watch out for water column and those in recreation stay away from the waterfall, as the underwater current will sweep you off your feet.

  • image

    Олег Дюделев

    a month ago

    Nice place , really beautiful and wild , the only things the people who comes and leave a lot of rubbish , no matter how many writing there is no one cares . I am from different country and only a tourist here , but I clean up that place out of respect to nature , so hope other people will also start to respect it .

  • image

    Over Clocked

    a month ago

    Ginormous pool!!

  • image

    haziq nazri

    7 months ago

    Good sight with a decent waterfall but quite crowded

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