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4.3   (2,228)


Pantai Senok in Bachok, Kelantan is a popular spot among locals. It's well-known for its scenic, with pine trees-lined paths by the seaside. Forestry Department and some relevant parties planted the trees few years back and the trees are all grown matured and tall now. Some people called this Pantai Senok as Malaysia's version "Nami Island" which is located in Korea.

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Tags: Jungle Trekking Picnic Beach

What to Expect?

Well-known for its scenic view, Pantai Senok in Bachok, Kelantan is a popular beach among locals and outsiders. The famous talking point of this beach is the lines of pine trees planted by the seaside, that often looks similar to Nami Island in Korea made famous by the Korean Drama Winter Sonata.

The pine trees (also known as Casuarina equisetifolia trees), lined up tidily to form a path perfect for picture taking, always excite anyone as soon as they reach Senok Beach. With it being nicknamed “Nami Island of Malaysia’, you can often find people finding great spots along the pine trees to take insta worthy pictures, as well as wedding photo shooting taking place in the area.


The trees do not come naturally. They are planted by Forestry Department and relevant parties a few years back, mainly to prevent coastal erosion and flooding. But now visitors are reaping the reward as the trees are all grown, matured and tall now, forming a scenic view right by the beach and a stunning landscape in Pantai Senok.

Right by the pine trees, there's a small tiny pond. This is the same area where visitors can park their car, making it a nice introduction to the beach.


Not forgetting the sandy beach right by the Pine tree forest, the beach is sandy and generally clean - (it is cleaner now after a major complain in 2018, where the council had taken effort to do a major cleanup).

Visitors can take a stroll along the beach and enjoy the special east coast sea breeze. The beach is a perfect spot for groups and families to have a picnic, take photos, dip their feet in the sea, chill and relax, and stroll along the shore.

Fishing is also a popular seaonal activitiy at the beach, where you can find fishing enthusiast with their fish poles by the shore whole day.

There are not much amenity at this beach. There are no changing room and public toilet and generally lacking the shops for basic beach necessities. However there are eataries and restaurants in the area, so it's easy for visitors to get meals or find a good place to sit down and have a drink.


While you are there, do not forget to check out the smallest lighthouse located on the edge of Senok Beach on the rock embankment. The lighthouse is still well maintained and operational today, also making it an interesting landmark to take photo.

The rock formations extended away from the pine trees and shore are to prevent erosion, visitors can make their careful step on it and sit on the rock to relax and enjoy the sunset. There are also remains of the Japanese landing site bordering Kuala Pak Amat, Sabak.

If you’re looking for a nice beach to visit in Kelanta, Senok Beach is a great choice. Do stop by and spend a couple of hours here!

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  Reviews 4.3   (2,228)
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    Nur Fasihah

    a week ago

    Should have earned 5stars. But, lose 1 star due to mentality of the tourists (local or outside)
    1. There were gate built. However, the motocyclist still bring their motorcycle near to the beach. Why not just walk? You come to beach for leisure right? Not to flex your motor or what. If you are attractive enough, the people will even notice you without your motor.
    2. There were dustbin prepared by the local authorities. But why did the rubbish was everywhere? Cant you just put the rubbish inside the bin?

    Maybe if one need to pay for entry, then these low class mentality people will open their eyes and mind.

    The beach is beautiful enough to be appreciated.

  • image


    a month ago

    Big beach.
    Nice tree. Good for ocd people. Tree arrangement very neat. Fresher looks.
    Nice sea breeze. Clearer air.

  • image

    Yusof Bakar

    2 months ago

    Beautiful scenery, ample parking spaces. Better amenities compared to a few years back. Weekend and holidays always pack with visitors.

  • image

    Muzakhir Yusof

    5 months ago

    This place is getting panoramic and cleaner. Perfect location for newly weds to take outdoor wedding pictures.

  • image

    Mohammed Albalawi

    6 months ago

    A wonderful place but needs a little cleaning and not suitable for swimming. There is WC and street food. I saw horses and quad bikes I am not sure if its available to rent.

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