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Pantai Batu Layar Beach    

  81600, Bandar Penawar, Johor |   07-822 2044
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4.1   (458)


A quieter alternative to the popular Desaru Beach, Batu Layar Beach (Sail Rock) is a nice sandy and clean beach. The key landmark here is the sail rock by the beach that gives its name, which is a submerged reef with a huge staghorn coral field.

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Tags: Swimming Picnic Beach

What to Expect?

Batu Layar beach is located on the west coast of Perhentian Besar, which is in the vicinity of Desaru.

Visitors could swim and engage in beach activities or visit the Malay kampong or simply laze away while being massaged by the cool coastal breeze. There are many shadowy trees along the coast, making it an ideal place for family picnic.

The rock by the beach, Batu Layar (Sail Rock), is a submerged reef with a huge staghorn coral field in perfect condition and massive table corals and making it one of the best hard corals site in the Perhentian. The protruding rocks however project a picturesquare contrast.

This is an ideal alternative to the ever popular Desaru Beach, one that is less populated and most part of the beach can be accessed for free. Please do also take note that the beach might be closed during monsoon season for public safety purpose.

There are local homestay and resorts nearby if you plan to stay nearby.

How To Get Here :

The beach is situated about 84km from Kota Tinggi town relatively rocky in certain spots. Bandar Penawar is located no more than 10km from here. If you exit Desaru toll gate, you would pass this town on your way. So you wouldn’t have to worry about getting extra supplies or food in case you missed anything. The town is small but equipped with malls, supermarkets, mosque, all-kind-of-star-rating hotels and even cinema.
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 Address:   81600, Bandar Penawar, Johor

07-822 2044

Everyday 24 hours


Kid's Pools

Wading pools to cool the hot day down

  Reviews 4.1   (458)
  • image

    Amber Lim

    a week ago

    Come in 16/7/2023, parking free, place are fairly clean and water are clean. Big reminder: keep your trash in trash bin and don’t throw even small pieces on beach.

    Tips: don’t shower at Cabin Baby Moxk, it’s filthy and cost rm1.

  • image

    Cheewee Kok

    2 months ago

    05 May 2023. Can here first time with my love one. Never heard this place and she is the one found this place. Today not many people at the beach. Many small stores selling all kind of foods, drinks, toys and etc. We found a store selling ramli burger by a lady. The burger taste close to our memory taste of Ramli burger when we were younger. Very friendly store sellers, from the burger store to the people selling drink (we had 2 sweet drinks today, tea with cincau and green tea with cincau, special Malaysian style of drinks). We walked the beach, earlier was very hot then small rain pour. Is was sad to see rubbish lay at the beach and my love one got one good idea, we will be back to help clean up the beach one day (hope the day will come very soon and see if we can recruit some friends to join us as the beach really wide). Very peaceful place to relax and we saw some people brought their own tents. Good place the calm our mind.

  • image

    Jamal Hassan

    10 months ago

    Nice beach, but be careful as the deep end is not far off. A popular spot for locals to and neighbouring districts to come during weekends.
    however, it is disappointing to see the rubbish picnickers left behind and the garbage washed ashore from the sea .... otherwise this is a perfect place to unwind.
    Guys pls take care of this wouldnt want to picnic beside a heap of garbage now would you??

  • image

    Raymond Hah

    a year ago

    Dont have high expectations as the shore is a bit dirty. Walk further down, will be another feeling. Soft and black sandy beach. Sea water is Clean and clear.

    Overall is great place to take pictures and feel the sea breeze

  • image

    Widi Widi

    2 months ago

    Its ok now..nice place to visited

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