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Temurun Waterfall    

  161, Jalan Datai, 7000, Langkawi, Kedah |   013-420 6303
× Warning! This place is closed temporarily according to Google. Please double check before you go.
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4.3   (2,980)


Located in Datai Bay area, Temurun is a three tier Waterfall and the cumulative drop of the falls is about 200 meters. This is the tallest waterfall in Langkawi. The water stream flows down the northern slope of Mount Mat Cincang. The rocks here comprises mainly of sandstone & shale, and is over 500 million years old.

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Tags: Waterfall

What to Expect?

The Temurun waterfalls are conveniently located in the Mat Cincang Nature Park of Datai, offering the ‘hot’ visitor refreshing waters from the mountains. The waters cascade down a 30 m drop, forming a nice pool below which you can swim in. This is indeed a spectacular waterfall to visit, but only when it isn’t the dry season as the waterfall will flow to a trickle during this period.

From the car park at the main road, the first tier is only a short distance away (about 5 minutes walk). The paved walk way is quite romantic and though the rain forest of Mount Mat Cincang. It’s a gradual way up although some steps are steeper than the others. There is a railing on one side in most parts of the path way. Along the way, several gazebos are created for you to take rest and soak in the nature all around.

The stream coming from the steep slope forms a small pond at the footsteps of the hill. The pond is not very deep but good enough for swimming and bathing. Most tourists and locals enjoy diving off the adjacent cliff.

The several summerhouses or canopy styled structures located along the way provide shade and comfort to the visitors. Visitors enjoy taking a break at these gazebos and soak in the scenic vistas. Tourists climb 10m to reach the top tier. The 30 m waterfall at the top tier, which forms a 100 ft natural pool entices the trekkers. The stunning panoramas, the myriad colorful butterflies, birds, and squirrels allure the visitors.

One thing you will surely find are the macaque monkeys in plenty, all along up to the upper tier of the falls. But don’t feed them. They are wild and can get aggressive if you try to feed them (because they may expect more) or disturb them. Otherwise they are usually harmless.
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 Address:   161, Jalan Datai, 7000, Langkawi, Kedah

013-420 6303

Everyday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  Reviews 4.3   (2,980)
  • image

    Ravindran Rajasekaran

    a month ago

    Totally no water, hence government close it down. As the wet season started on June. But no water as usual wet season. Please do not travel all the way here. I did to find out if really closed. It is CLOSED!!!

    But it was nice drive to come here.

  • image

    Sundar Esan

    4 months ago

    Sad there was no water. The place was practically dry, and water was just dripping from the rocks. It's bad season, I guess.

    From the looks of it, it's been ages since there was a waterfall here. The place is completely dry and rubbish prone. No proper changing rooms, no toilets.

  • image

    jithin jimmy

    5 months ago

    Actually its a superb waterfall, whete you csn find a good swim, problem us that, water was very less, and the access to the first fall is too steep, and the way is little tricky, but manageable; Water was really cold and anyone who loves a freshwater dip this is an ideal place?

  • image

    Joshua Wong

    6 months ago

    Beach is peaceful and serene, had a nap at the seaside but awoken by drizzle. Breezy air and not many people around.
    Always calming to hear the waves rush. Waterfall scenery is amazing.

  • image

    M M

    7 months ago

    Nice waterfall on Langkawi. Only a short walk from the parking area. The way is slippery when wet and a bit broken down. I guess in raining season this waterfall is very impressive

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