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Lata Iskandar Waterfall    

  Exit 59, 35000, Tapah, Perak |   05-401 1402
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4.3   (4,504)


A picturesque, thoroughly refreshing stop if you're driving to Cameron Highlands. The waterfall is a cascade tumbling over granite boulders and is popular with paddling families.

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Tags: Waterfall Picnic Camping

What to Expect?

If you are going to Cameron Highlands, plan to use the Tapah way instead of Simpang Pulai way and you will be able to stop by and enjoy this huge waterfalls which is about 20km before the town of Ringlet. This waterfalls is easily accessible to the public as it is located just by the side of the road.

You will not miss it as there are many stalls set-up by the road side that sell handicrafts work, drinks, snacks and other produce from this area.


Be careful as you get off your car as the road can be quite busy especially during the weekends and public holidays. You will see that many of the visitors who stop by here are either on their way to Cameron Highlands or coming down from the highlands.

The Waterfall

Lata Iskandar is a waterfall along the trunk road from Tapah to Cameron Highlands, located about 25km before Ringlet. The waterfall cascades over several tiers of granite slopes, with the last drop at 25 meters high flowing into a small pool below, before resuming its journey as a narrow stream. On weekends, the waterfall is overun by tourists and local visitors.

They congregate tightly under the cold shower of the falls, or perch themselves for photos along its rocky ledges. Ramshackle shops and stalls, nestled along the main road facing Lata Iskandar, provide shopping opportunities for ethnic souvenirs, tribal handicrafts, strange herbs, tropical fruits and even aphrodisiacs.

Dipping in the water

If you would like to take a dip at the cool and refreshing water that originates from the mountains, make sure you bring along your tower and clothes for changing. There are pools of water that you can use at the base of the falls. Many children can be seen playing with the water.

As the place can be slippery, make sure you walk carefully. There are cemented steps that have being built to help you go up the falls. Gazebos with benches have being erected and you can use them for picnic with your family or friends. On a hot day, this place is refreshing as the moisture from the water provides cooling effect to the surrounding area.

As an effort to attract more visitors, the local authority has upgraded Lata Iskandar Waterfall a few years back. After the construction, Lata Iskandar Waterfall has a better look now with the proper tiles walkways, concrete bridge and small huts. You can now access to the waterfall at a nearer point, in an easier way!


- Swimming

- Camping

- Picnic/BBQ


- Parking (Road side)

- Toilets

- Rest huts

- Information stall

- Prayer room

- Hawker stalls

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Look Around


 Address:   Exit 59, 35000, Tapah, Perak

05-401 1402


Kid's Pools

Wading pools to cool the hot day down

  Reviews 4.3   (4,504)
  • image

    Jayadevan Ramakrishnan

    a week ago

    Its a road side view of Lata Iskandar waterfall. A bit traffic area. Just need to park your car along the road side. Many food stalls, handcraft and small restaurant. If you pass by this area, you should try the lempeng pisang..superbbbb

  • image

    Crystal VDM

    2 weeks ago

    The fall is beautiful but it's hard to get a parking spot along the narrow road. The trails are behind the stalls, and the signs to the trail are hidden by them and the trees. There are only squat toilets..have your toilet paper handy.

  • image

    Kelvin Loh

    4 weeks ago

    At first thought will be waste of time, but no.
    Once I reached this spot, it was super worth it!
    Just the parking a little hard to find because available parkings mostly just roadsides, driver please be careful when get down from the car because of many cornering and blindspot.

  • image

    Chin Yan

    a month ago

    The first stop for a feet dip in the waterfall before you reach Cameron Highlands from Tapah road. Great scenery and very cold water. Butterflies flying around the area. Came to this place during the weekdays, no jam and no issues with finding parking. If it’s on weekends, be very careful as the place can be crowded.

  • image

    Shierly Lim

    2 months ago

    We drop by this waterfall when we came down from Cameron Highland. It was my first time visiting this place. Probably due to it was long weekend, I felt that the waterfall is a bit crowded. You can swim at the waterfall and the water looks clean too. Worth a visit if you happened to pass by this area.

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