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4.3   (546)


Taman Rekreasi Tasik Puteri is the park to enjoy a serene and calming blue lake, and a stunning man-made waterfall, named Air Terjun Puteri, that's every nature lover's dream.

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Tags: Picnic Camping Waterfall Lake

What to Expect?

If you are planning a trip to Terengganu, one of the spots that you should make a point to visit is Tasik Puteri Bukit Besi.

Located in the Bukit Besi area, Taman Rekreasi Tasik Puteri is the park to enjoy the serene and calming Puteri lake. The lake is facing the Tasik Puteri Golf Club and the water are looking blueish - likely due to the mineral from the tin mining era.

The park were connected with walkways and platform, one of them extended out to a mini island that gives visitors a 360 paranomic lake view.

The key attraction of the park is a stunning man-made waterfall, named Air Terjun Puteri, that's every nature lover's dream.


You'll have to track some ways to uncover the waterfall that's tucked away in a rather secluded spot. Simply follow the trail and sounds of gushing water, then lay your eyes on the beautiful pool of blue water surrounded by lush greenery.


Visitors can dip their feet or splash about in the cooling waterfall that'll guarantee to beat the heat. For the more adventurous ones they can swim in the lake, right by the fall.

If you plan on spending a longer time here, this is also a site for camping. Consider bringing your camping gear and any other necessary equipment for an overnight stay. Drift off to the sounds of nature and be greeted by them first thing in the morning


There's also a shallow children pool where kids (and adults alike) can dip into.

Besides making a pit stop at the waterfall, you can also look opt for ATV riding as an activity here as well! Perfect for those who love the adrenaline rush, booka ride and make a rental from CEA ATV Outdoor. They've got several different packages for you to choose from, all varying in the type and length of route - click here to see the full list.

The lake was clean and the park was properly maintained. The only downside is that there aren't much facilities and amenities around. So visitors are advised to bring their own water and prepared in necessities before taking a visit.
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 Address:   23200, Bukit Besi, Terengganu

Everyday 24 hours


Kid's Pools

Wading pools to cool the hot day down

  Reviews 4.3   (546)
  • image

    Gerard van den Bosch

    a month ago

    Place has very nice views of the lake, the water is very blue. The waterfall is nice to see and can bath there. Worth the visit.

  • image


    2 months ago

    Nice place for picnic, healing and leisure activities. There also numerous servis such as kayak, camping and more. Perfect place for those who love taking picture. The place is clean! Please keep it that way

  • image

    Nu'man Hilmy

    4 months ago

    The place is about 30 mins from Dungun town. Ample of parking lots. The place is good for family time however we need some improvement from the visitor's mentality and attitude. How can you leave your rubbish and picnic items in unorganized manner? Please Malaysian. We are better than this. Keep clean, always!

  • image

    Shima Zaman

    10 months ago

    The lakes and 'waterfall' so beautiful. Good for swimming, kayaking and picnic. Besides the deep waterfall, 3 pools are provided with different water level for those who can't swim.

  • image

    Minox6 Minox6

    in the last week

    The place is lovely, but badly maintained, trash around, bathrooms in bad state, sitting area with food decomposing, smelly. A shame because the waterfall and the swimming area are really nice.

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