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4.0   (445)


A stretch of kampung quayside filled with plenty of restaurants and eateries. Fancy enjoying your dinner with a sunset view and gentle sea breeze? Head over to the beachside if you are in Batu Pahat.

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Tags: Beach

What to Expect?

Straight River Beach, or known as Pantai Sungai Lurus, is a stretch of fishing village (Kampung) quayside filled with plenty of restaurants and eateries.

The beach is lined up with a straight road near to the sea, and visitors can find boat ramps, a pier, and plenty of street parking.

Visitors can find an extended walking platform about 10 meters towards out on the sea, that they can walk on to enjoy the sea view.

Credit: Zulfairi Zulkarnain

There's a small stretch of sandy beach that visitors can walk on, but generally swimming is not an ideal activity here.

Credit: toru.anaqi

Fancy enjoying your dinner with a sunset view and gentle sea breeze? There are plenty of restaurants in the area, some are located on the inner side of the road but still offer plenty of good sea view.

Some restaurants are extended and built on a platform towards the sea so patrons can have their meal on the sea.

Some of the famous dishes here are the kerang (cockles), that several warung and shops throughout the food street:

Apart from that, you can also find ikan bakar, and basically just about any seafood you are craving for.

If you are looking for something light to bite, there are also a lot of pop-up stalls and hawkers along the roadside.

The resaurans and food streets are also open in the evening and well lit up at night.

On a good day the area is serene and the seaview is calming, take a stop here the next time you are in Batu Pahat to experience the true kamping seaside vibe!

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 Address:   83200, Senggarang, Johor

Everyday 24 hours
  Reviews 4.0   (445)
  • image

    ani mahadi

    a month ago

    Came here before sunset. If you want to enjoy the view, this is the right place. The sunset was amazing, with the orange-ish sky and sea. The drinks was nice.

  • image

    Amber Lim

    5 months ago

    Great view and good place to hangout to eat seafood, recommend the restaurant on the left side.

  • image

    Linda Rahman

    9 months ago

    Recommend 👍
    Delicious 😋

  • image

    ANIHANA Hana

    9 months ago

    Garbage everywhere without maintanance.Dirty.
    Please change our mindset.

  • image

    Dean Esahak

    9 months ago

    A nice place to experience the sunset and feed your tummy with a variety of seafood. The road is narrow, crowded and shared with a pedestrians. Have to drive slowly and carefully

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