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FRI Aquarium Batu Maung    

  Jalan Batu Maung, 11960 Batu Maung,, 11960, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang |   04-626 3925 ext. 3926
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4.2   (1,901)


Get a glimpse of an underwater world at Aquarium of Fisheries Research Institute (FRI), featuring 25 tanks housing different forms of marine life. Observe a range of species that include lionfish, boxfish, moray eels, stonefish, and stingrays.

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Tags: Animals

What to Expect?

The medium-size aquarium is also home to bubble coral, brain coral, mushroom coral, and sea anemones. Keep a keen eye out for the outdoor section, where you can interact with baby and adult green sea turtles.

The aquarium has 25 tanks to showcase various types of marine life, especially those found in the regional waters. Among them are the lion fish, the boxfishes, moray eels, tangs, surgeon fish, cat sharks, stone fish, angel fish, blue spotted stingray, fox face fish, parrot fish, squirrel fish, damsels, bivalves and more. The largest tank measures 15 ft by 10 ft and houses the big fishes such as the snappers, the tudung periuk and the nyior nyior.

Other facilities

The FRI library has many scientific books and journals on fishery from around the world. All reference books are categorized using the Dewey decimal classification. Some of journals are subscription copies which the library receives regularly so you get the latest information.

There is also an internet-ready computer available. At the moment, the library is opened to the Department's researchers, outside academicians and students, the latter two with prior written permission.

Admission fees

RM5 for adults, RM2 for kids 7 to 12 years (RM1.50 for school group)

There is no charge for kids below 7 years

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Look Around


 Address:   Jalan Batu Maung, 11960 Batu Maung,, 11960, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

04-626 3925 ext. 3926

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  Reviews 4.2   (1,901)
  • image

    Umang2 Plastik

    a week ago

    A nice place to bring your family for a short visit. Informational, and quite a variety of fish. Few fish were dead, but I guess that's due to poor water quality in Penang.

  • image

    Jacqueline Wong

    4 weeks ago

    Looks kinda sad fishes there. Not well taken care for some tank, maybe workers are lazy or try to save water & cleaning cost. Interior lights was dim (not bright), feels a bit eerie.

    Fish species are not much, if you compare side to side with KLCC Aquaria nor Langkawi Underwater World. But generally, you can't expect much from this "governmental places" since they are "not for profit". Skip it if you are tourist, not up to standard. Hope they improve it to attract better crowd to showcase Malaysian sea life.

    Got 1 turtle only, sturgeon (fish that produce caviar), arowana, grouper, catfish, patin, reef fishes like nemo clown fish, blue dory. Nothing is highlight here which is sad, to be spectacular, include Dugong / Reef Shark / Manta Ray (big sea creature). But I doubt they will do it since it is just a small area exhibit.

    Ticket is RM10 for adults. Worker snapped our photo once we walk in as to "upsell" for more revenue. We buy 2 photo for RM30 due to memories nevertheless photography skill was lousy (please improve as I'm taking from a perspective of a photographer myself). Flash should be out of the way, our faces are shiny and white cast, so funny that it looks like photos taken from instant fujifilm camera. The lighting there was not suitable for photos i guess.

  • image

    Yungyen Tan

    3 months ago

    Found this place while searching places to visit on Google map.
    It was quite hot inside during the time we visited the place
    At the end of the aquarium tour you will find yourself in a "cinema arranged seat" with a huge aquarium in front of those seats with really huge fishes and one cute turtle swimming inside.
    We spotted 3 dead fishes at the big ponds outside the aquarium building as well.
    Touring the outdoor aquarium is quite hot and humid and get ready to sweat.

    Entrance fees per adult RM 5

  • image

    Jamalia Jamaluddin

    4 months ago

    Short gateway to bring kids. Lots of information regarding fresh water fish and sea. 2nd visit. Ticket only RM5 for adults and RM 2 for kids.

  • image

    Yeoh Tze Siang

    8 months ago

    A lot of potential. I enjoy it as much as my daughter..

    Parents who brings their kids, please spend time reading the description they put on there. You will learn some stuff. Explain it to your kids. Did you know the clown fish is non-binary? I learn that there.

    Spend sometime to relax and chill at the gigantic auditorium with the tank. It is strangely relaxing in there..

    I hope the person running the place will clean the tanks more regularly... It has moss and stuff.. check out my pictures.. u will see it..

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