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4.8   (119)


A family campsite situated right next to Kampar River, surrounded by hills and limestone caves. With well maintained facilities, it's a great location to experience the outdoors, see wildlife and learn about the local culture and history of the area.

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Tags: Picnic Camping

What to Expect?

Nicely tucked in one corner of the Kampar river and not too far from central kampung jahang, the hideout offers a great short getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The campsite offers exciting outdoor activities, learning new skills, camping, self development, disconnecting from the electronics and appreciating the nature.

It also offers a variety of water sports activities. It's a perfect holiday camp for kids of different age, gives opportunity to make new friends and be more hands on.

Nowadays many kids spend a lot of time in front of laptops, phones, tablets and TV. All this hours browsing in the Internet are not that great for growing kids. Why not go back to the old school way and let them get outside, get their hands dirty and enjoy the river, stars, caves, kampung life and the new people they will meet. Seeing people who have less and helping them out during community project will create appreciation for the parents, teachers, peers and other adults.

All the activities are organised in a safe manner, all instructors are certified in Wilderness First Aid and have a lot of experience working with kids from local and international schools. It's a great way to expose kids to outdoors in a controlled environment with experienced outdoor educators.

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 Address:   31600, Gopeng, Perak

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012-408 6462


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  Reviews 4.8   (119)
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    Andrew Gark

    a month ago

    This is one of the best HIDDEN GEM camp site!

    Super friendly, helpful and hospitable owners.
    Very clean and well maintain campsite with a lot of creative touches (especially the "men shooting station" :)
    Provides clean drinking water , bbq pit , big common area and charging point
    4 clean toilets each for "womans always right" and thats why "mens have to turn left"... hahaha
    Shaded camp site and very cooling at night
    Located just beside the beautiful river (very cool waters flowing down from Cameron.H!) and DIY water slide
    A-MUST-EAT owner self make ice cream especially their coffee flavor. Amazing!!!
    Thumbs up for owner to provide recycle bin for plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

    We have a wonderful and memorable experince there and definately this wont be our last camp here.

  • image

    Addi Adnan

    a month ago

    Thank you Pak G and Cindy for the warm hospitality, could definitely feel the care for nature and personal touches all around the site. Added bonus to discover common acquitances! Tepuk La Salle!

    Top notch site strategically located along Sg Kampar and very well maintained facilities. Our family have found a new No. 1 place for camping to date and will definitely look to repeat the Hideout adventure!

    Location ✅️
    Greenery, flora and shady spots aplenty ✅️
    Facilities, wakaf and open dining areas ✅️
    Toilets, clean and tidy ✅️
    Parking, ample ✅️
    Access to river ✅️
    Outdoor activities ✅️
    Recycling bins ✅️
    Friendly owners ✅️

    Top tip: Look out for the homemade ice cream, simply decadent and perfect on a hot day!

  • image

    Shan Nie Chew

    2 months ago

    The place very well maintained, had a comfortable camping experience. It feels like a homestay style camping site, there a nicely decorated reception and they also sell home made ice-cream, I tried the coffee ice cream, it was nice. There were few toilets available for shower and it's clean. I chose this campsite for it's clean clear river, and it's really clean and nice for a dip. The camp site at river front is definitely 5 star spot, waking up enjoying sunrise in front, listening to river flows, while making coffee and breakfast. They have a common hall, with plug points , fan, tables, chairs, bbq pit, basins, etc.

  • image

    Faizal Yamin

    5 months ago

    Awesome Campsite!

    White Water rafting is a must here. Cave exploration of 400 Millions Years Gua Tempurung is fun and kiddos friendly activities.

    Go try it!

  • image

    Millicent Lee

    10 months ago

    Look no further!! This is the best campsite I've been to! Allow me lay down the hits!

    1) Very hospitable and friendly camp owners Cindy and Mr G!
    2) Clean toilet and well thought of convenience. Shower pressure was good too!
    3) Big shelter at common area for all campers to hang around with tables and benches
    4) Clean campsite with proper garbage disposal. There's even segregation for food waste, black bins and recycling bottles and cans!
    5) Ample space for even dish wash with 4 sinks
    6) Cindy's ice-cream is soooo good! We tapau home to KL and survived the trip!
    7) Location wise is by the river! Double win!
    8) Outdoor excursion activities which we took. We took white water rafting and we had so much fun! Most importantly we felt and assured we were in good hands cos Mr G does this full time prior to running the campsite. So during safety briefing, we already felt at ease.
    9) A lot of trees! So you'll find shade.

    1) Maxis Signal isn't very strong. But it's camping! We've got each others companionship.
    2) Depending on your spots, if you're super close to the common area shelter, it could be a little bit noisy in morning if you're planning to sleep in late.

    We are already booking for our Dec trip back to Hideout! That says a lot! ❤️

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