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Parit Fall    

  Cameron Highland, 39000, Tanah Rata, Pahang |   016-227 9082
× Warning! This place is closed temporarily according to Google. Please double check before you go.
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3.2   (540)


One of the two waterfalls that can be found in the Cameron Highlands. Compared to Robinsons Fall it is the smaller one, it has tranquil cascades, accessible via a moderate paved walking trail.

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Tags: Hiking Waterfall

What to Expect?

Parit Falls is hidden inside a recreational nature park at Taman Sedia in Tanah Rata, a short walking distance away from town with the quickest entry point by a back route near Century Pines Resort. Also known as 'Thompson Falls', the park has excellent visitor infrastructure, including ample car parking, playgrounds, tiled footpaths, benches and restrooms.

The river was once terribly polluted, but has seen improvement in recent years. Still, visitors can explore the montane rainforest and admire the flora and fauna that grow here, with jungle trails that lead around the vicinity. One such trail leads to a watchtower nestled on a hill top with a view of Tanah Rata's countryside.

Access is easy, as trail nr 4 leads to the fall. This trail starts from the Century Pines Resort to the road near the Old Smokehouse. Not far from the fall a side trail leads uphill to a watch tower from which you have a nice view of the Cameron Highlands

From both sides of the trail, the fall can be reached in less than half an hour. As the stream collects quite a lot of rubbish, the fall can not be called a pristine one, but the location itself is attractive.

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 Address:   Cameron Highland, 39000, Tanah Rata, Pahang

016-227 9082

  Reviews 3.2   (540)
  • image

    James Munday

    a month ago

    A nice short walk, paved all the way. Access via the forest office at one end and a campsite at the other. Some questions about whether access is actually allowed...

    We entered from the forestry office end of the trail. On the right hand side after the entrance behind a kind of picnic area. Exit is around a campsite, then up a paved drive and through an unlocked car gate at the top. Both places open at 8am.

    The tail is paved all the way and mostly flat with some steps at the end to cross the river. You can see a small waterfall and the river. Good walk for kids or family.

    Exiting through the campsite seems to be questionable and it might be safe to walk out and back from the forestry office.

    A nice place for birding.

  • image

    Em C

    5 months ago

    We went to the main entrance which told us it was closed to the public. Then we tried to visit the waterfall from Trail 4 but that was also closed. It said that visitors would be prosecuted. The signs were all dated from 19th January 2023. Was very weird as there doesn't seem to be any other reviews about this. Had to turn back around without seeing the waterfall.

  • image

    nazif JT

    3 weeks ago

    The trail to the Parit Falls is relatively easy for beginners. A clear narrow path that is bordered by bushes and trees. You will hear the roar of the water long before you get to see the waterfall. It is a small drop compared to the other popular waterfall in Cameron Highlands, the Lata Iskandar. Nevertheless, it has it's charm. Hopefully, the local council can clean up the rubbish in the vicinity of the falls.

  • image

    Medini Sourav Dutta

    a year ago

    This place is closed for public or visitors. Visited during June 3rd week on a fine weekend, however, operation was closed and no access for visitors.

  • image

    Maria Neuner

    2 months ago

    Rather cute than impressive and the way has not been maintained since covid. It is very wild grass there.

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