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A'Famosa Safari Wonderland    

  A'famosa Resort, Jalan Kemus / Sempang Ampat, 78000, Alor Gajah, Melaka | Visit Website |   06-552 0888
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4.0   (1,804)

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Discover a world of exotic animals at A'Famosa Safari Wonderland, a perfect destination for animal lovers. Visitors can try riding horses, camels and elephants, or walk among pretty flamingos, raccoons, the emu, and the ostriches. Feel the thrills of an animal safari, where you can ride on a secure truck to see giraffes and tigers in the 'Safari Adventure Ride'.

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Tags: Animals

What to Expect?

The A’ Famosa Safari Wonderland is a fun, family-friendly destination that combines aspects of a zoo and a safari park. Ride around the park on a safari truck to get a glimpse of the camels, elephants, zebras, and even tigers that roam freely in large habitats, and watch shows featuring monkeys, birds, dogs, and other animals.

You can also learn more about the animals by watching fun and educational animal shows like Elephant Encounter, Multi Animal Play, Colour of the Birds and Wild Wild West. Don't miss cruising on the river to 'Monkey Island' on a raft to see adorable capuchins, brown lemurs, monkey squirrels, and white-handed gibbons!

There are also various animal shows and performance throughout the day, not to be missed!

What to do?

1. Walk into the land of an chanting animals ‘see the ferocious fangs of a tiger and touch docile rabbits, all in one place.

2. Ride on horses, camels and elephants.

3. ‘Walk Through’ among pretty flamingos, amusing raccoons and the dino ancestors, the emu and the ostriches.

4. Feel the thrills of an animal safari; ride on our secure truck – make the giraffes peer and tigers glare in the ‘Safari Adventure Ride’.

5. Cruise the river to ‘Monkey Island’ on a raft, to see witty little capuchins, brown lemurs, monkey squirrels & white-handed gibbons. Even touch and feed monkeys.


- Discover a Safari Wonderland at A’Famosa Resort in the historical city of Melaka for a captivating day in the wild!

- Interact with exotic species through immersive activities such as petting and feeding various creatures

- Explore the land of ferocious tigers, elegant flamingos, towering giraffes, and more as you discover their habitats

- Board a scenic cruise to the middle of a lake and visit Monkey Island to encounter lemurs, monkeys, and gibbons

- Enter the or the just minutes away from Safari Wonderland to continue your adventure at A’Famosa Resort!

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 Address:   A'famosa Resort, Jalan Kemus / Sempang Ampat, 78000, Alor Gajah, Melaka

Visit Website

06-552 0888

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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  Reviews 4.0   (1,804)
  • image

    Angie Yeah Chee

    a month ago

    Went with my son, paid rm 55 and my son at age 2.5 years old enter for free.

    We had a really good times here. He loves it here and I think I enjoyed more than my son because I saw orang utans. I love Orang utans and we went on truck to see the wild animals.

    The best part is when we visited monkey island. So many ducks there and monkeys are everywhere. I was the happiest and most excited one I guessed.

    The weather was too hot. Or, this will be the best day out with my toddler.

    Worth it is what I can say. Enjoyed so so much..

    Just go if you have a young kid with you. They will be happy. And you will be happy too.

  • image

    Nursabrina Mohd Rapi

    2 months ago

    Ticket price: RM50/adult & RM40/child

    Location: Inside A’Famosa quite a distance from Malacca city. The Safari Wonderland is part of a larger resort that includes a hotel and villas, so you can enjoy the park without having to rush back to Melaka.

    We arrive as soon as they open. The show performance are nice to watch there is 4 show all together cow boy , bird show , animal show and elephant show but not enough interesting animal to see.
    During Elephant show beware not to sit in front because elephant will slash water towards us. Thats part of the show despite elephants will dance too.

    A'famosa Safari World does not have much variety of animals, but it is a good place for kids to have interaction with animals. My son enjoyed the animals shows. Most of the walkway is covered under shade and to travel from one area to the other is not so far, Comparing to other local zoos, there is less animal stink and less humid in A'famosa Safari World.

    They also provides truck with Cage for us to experience closer interaction with the wild animals (tiger, lions, cheetah, giraffe, crocodiles and etc).

    Whole IT was awesome!

  • image

    Pranavan Theivendiram

    3 months ago

    Excellent place for kids. Actually, the shows were really nice. The place is manned with enough people. You can book the ticket with meal. Cowboy show was great.

    In addition, the safari was great. You will go closer to wild animals. The safety is assured using caged vehicles. The vehicle pass through bumpy roads, hence you should be careful when you take kids. But nothing is too dangerous.

  • image

    Azhan Apandi

    4 months ago

    Parking is limited, suggest you to reach early. Parking fee is RM3.50 per car. Buy park ticket via online, its easier, once there, just go straight to the entry and show the qr code. Can't bring food, must buy inside park. Drinking water is okay. Not crowded during weekday. Bring food to monkey Island, feed them, the monkeys are so friendly. Some cookies can do, but not junk foods. Family photo is around RM24, ready upon exit.

  • image

    Fazira Pauji

    4 months ago

    It’s a great place to visit with families especially young kids for those who love animals?

    Ride a truck for sight seeing the wild animals is amazing.

    Better study their schedules on website to see the timing of animals show to get full experience here. There’s morning & evening sessions.

    For the ticket can buy online to avoid queue, thru their website or klook apps.

    For me i bought from their website RM 50 for adult & RM 40 for children.
    My advice is better buy the ticket together with the meals extra RM 18 per person. Means that total price for ticket include meal RM 68 for adult & RM 58 for children.

    Foods from the stall inside super expensive if you buy separately.
    The cheapest you can get RM 15 for the nuggets with fries & drinks.
    You can’t bring foods from outside, there’s check point before enter the safari. They will check the bags? i got caught by them brought the mamee?. They will ask you to keep at the table outside at the check point foods from outside.

    Overall great experience, the best you can overnight at theirs resorts; condo/ villas.

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