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Pantai Remis Beach Shore    

  Pantai Remis, Jalan Pantai Remis, Kampung Dungun, 45800, Jeram, Selangor |   013-395 7814
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3.9   (4,803)


Pantai Remis is a beach in Jeram, Kuala Selangor. The beach frames a stunning view towards the Straits of Malacca and is popular for its seaside atmosphere.

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Tags: Beach Picnic

What to Expect?

Pantai Remis beach at Jeram in Selangor is a waterfront beach that is popular with the villagers that come here in huge numbers during the weekends and public holidays. If you are travelling from Kuala Selangor towards Klang, you will pass by Sungai Buluh town before reaching this beach.

Though not suitable for swimming due to its rocky-formation and partially muddy shore/murky water, the beach still frames a stunning view towards the Straits of Malacca during sunset and is popular among local residents of Jeram and Klang (±35 minutes) for its seaside atmosphere.

There are picnic benches set up along the beach so you can bring along food to have a fun family affair while taking in the views here. But don’t worry if all the benches are occupied, as there are larger rocks along the beachfront to park yourself at.

Most visitors, however, stay or drop by here on their way to visit the Sky Mirror in Kampung Sasaran and Kuala Selangor fireflies.

Things to do/Activities

Kite-flying and fishing are popular activities here, especially on weekends.

The area is also a hotspot for seafood; there are many stalls and a food court (Medan Selera Pantai Remis) serving delicious Malay-style seafood, with the most famous dish being broiled fish.

Watch the local fishermen or try your hand at catching clams, horseshoe crabs (belangkas), fan muscles (siput kemudi), sea snails (balitong) and other shellfish and crustaceans which inhabit the beach.

The market area is also popular among visitors; here you’ll find many kinds of fresh and dried seafood, snacks and delicacies.

The shore is also a relaxing spot to enjoy sunset and wind down your day.

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 Address:   Pantai Remis, Jalan Pantai Remis, Kampung Dungun, 45800, Jeram, Selangor

013-395 7814

Everyday 24 hours
  Reviews 3.9   (4,803)
  • image

    Julia Wingston

    2 weeks ago

    The beach was not like a normal beach you would’ve imagine! there are way too much rocks in the sand so it is not advisable for you to walk barefooted there. Should’ve went at night as many food stalls are operating at that time. During the weekday lunch hour you have to eat a restaurant quite far from the beach itself which is very disappointing but hey it’s their neighbourhood and I’m just a visitor. The water is actually quite far from the sandy beach (air surut is real y’all) so I didn’t get to play with the waves. There are plenty stray dogs and Cats! (refer to photo) so It’s best to prepare pet snacks!

  • image

    Will be Better

    a month ago

    Good for relax on Weekends. but place got some rubbish in beach.. Please take care such beautiful place. public for everyone peace.

  • image

    Nor Syahidah

    a month ago

    Nice place for picnic with family. Awesome sunset view for those love nature. Easy access with public space like restaurant, toilet, prayer room, playground etc.

  • image

    Abu Bakar

    4 months ago

    Though there was no proper beach, but the place was good enough for a calm and splendid view of the sea. There was a market stalls nearby where you can buy many fresh fish and other sea products.

  • image

    David “The Explorer” Hogan Jr

    7 months ago

    Not bad place to come and take photos. There is a medan selera, an open air pasar, a few seafood restaurants, and an open area for santai (relax).

    They is no beach here, cause the beach is the muddy type, so no swimming. It's just a rock divider. If you cross the rocks, it's the sea, and when the tide is ormut, it's very muddy.

    Weekends, many locals come here relax and makan. Sometimes you see bird watchers or photographers here, like me, who came to see the water birds when the tide is out.

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