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Mardi Agro Technology Park Langkawi    

  1, Jalan Padang Gaong, Lubuk Semilang, Ulu Melaka Kuah, Taman Harmoni, 7000, Langkawi, Kedah | Visit Website |   04-953 2550

Places Near To Mardi Agro Technology Park Langkawi

6.7 km

Langkawi Craft Complex

  •     4.1   (910)

Langkawi Craft Complex is a tourist complex that has exhibits on traditional Malaysian handicrafts, with site demonstrations on crafts-making methods such as weaving, batik painting, wood carving and plaiting.

7.2 km

Ayer Hangat Village

  •     3.6   (1,033)

Ayer Hangat Village, the only salt water hot spring in Malaysia, is a Malay Village Complex with outdoor facilities offering foot soaks in salt water hot springs pools, massage services & dining.

7.3 km

Black Sand Beach

  •     3.6   (1,623)

Located on Langkawi's north coast, Black Sand Beach is remarkable for its marble-textured black and white beach sand. The beach often makes an ideal place for photographs because of the sand’s colour.

8.2 km

Langkawi Wildlife Park

  •     4.4   (5,301)

Surround yourself with the stunning beauty of Malaysia's unique flora and fauna with a visit to Langkawi Wildlife Park, the first fully-covered wildlife park in Asia. With its lush vegetation and more than 150 different animal species inside, this is a must-visit for all animal lovers and nature buffs!

8.2 km

Galeria Perdana

  •     4.2   (1,015)

Galeria Perdana is a museum displaying gifts and awards presented to former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahatir and his wife. Spread across 5,333sqm of beautifully landscaped gardens, the museum is housed in three interconnected two-storey, oriental-style buildings.

8.7 km


  •     4.1   (323)

CHOGM Park is a in a 10-acre sea side park with lush gardens and trees. A contrived tourist attraction, it is adjacent to Legenda Park, and has a collection of Commonwealth flags flying across a whitewashed concrete structure set .

8.7 km

Kilim Geoforest Park

  •     4.6   (5,143)

The first Geopark in South East Asia with 100 Square KMs of nature forest and breathtaking landscape, Kilim Geoforest Park is home to a sprawling mangrove forest and ancient gigantic limestone rocks formations rising from the river bed, formed some 500 million years back.

8.8 km

Legenda Park

  •     4.2   (1,630)

Located beside the Kuah Jetty, Lagenda Langkawi Park in a beautifully landscaped folklore-themed park. The 50-hectare compound houses a collection of colourful statues, stone carvings and cultural displays depicting the mythical tales of Langkawi.

9.0 km

Morac Adventure Park

  •     4.5   (694)

Get your adrenaline pumping with a few laps of go-kart riding at Morac Adventure Park. You'll be riding in a Sodi SR4, the latest 270cc 4 stroke engine go-karts from France that guarantees you an amazing go-kart experience.

10.0 km

Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi

  •     4.3   (2,927)

See over 1,000 different crocodiles as you explore the farm's different facilities and take in the stunning sight of the trainers interacting with the massive crocodiles. It is home to one of the earth's largest living crocodile species - a monstrous 4.68 meters Crocodile.

10.4 km

Rice Garden Museum (Laman Padi Museum) Langkawi

  •     3.9   (600)

The Rice Garden Museum is a gallery in Laman Padi with a collection of artefacts, photos, charts and tools on the history of rice cultivation in Langkawi. Set in Pantai Cenang, it is divided into the Heritage Gallery, Paddy Gallery, Herb Garden and Garden of Variety.

10.6 km

Pantai Cenang Beach

  •     4.5   (1,532)

Hugging the southwestern coastline of Langkawi, Pantai Cenang is the most popular beach on this Malaysian paradise island, and it’s not hard to realise why: White Sands, Swaying Palms, and the Andaman Sea

10.8 km

Underwater World Langkawi

  •     4.1   (12,128)

One of the largest marine and freshwater aquaria in South East Asia. The 34,701 square foot oceanarium greets visitors with a gigantic 15-meter long walk-through tunnel consisting of 500,000 liter seawater that houses many big fishes and sea creatures.

11.0 km

Pantai Tengah Beach

  •     4.4   (124)

Situated just around the southern road bend of Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah is a basically a continuation of Pantai Cenang. It is where you can get all the kicks of Pantai Cenang, without having to mingle with the crowd of tourists.

11.2 km

Tanjung Rhu Beach

  •     4.5   (3,748)

As pellucid as the blue sky above, Tanjung Rhu beach has crystal clear and clean water with powdered sand that runs along its coastline. A corridor of dense trees marks the path to the beach and proves to be an interesting gateway to the shores.

12.4 km

Temurun Waterfall

  •     4.3   (2,980)

Located in Datai Bay area, Temurun is a three tier Waterfall and the cumulative drop of the falls is about 200 meters. This is the tallest waterfall in Langkawi. The water stream flows down the northern slope of Mount Mat Cincang. The rocks here comprises mainly of sandstone & shale, and is over 500 million years old.

12.4 km

SKYTREX Adventure Langkawi

  •     4.7   (847)

Located within the pristine enclosure of Burau Bay, the thrilling park tops the to-do list of visitors to the magical island of Langkawi. Be enthralled by the dramatic landscape of Gunung Mat Cincang set as the backdrop of the park.

13.3 km

Seven Wells Waterfall

  •     4.6   (2,260)

Known locally as Telaga Tujuh, Seven Wells Waterfall is so named because seven natural pools have been formed at different levels by water streams that flow down the second highest mountain of Langkawi - Mount Mat Cincang. This is the most picturesque and undoubtedly the best waterfall in the island.

13.4 km

3D Art in Paradise Langkawi

  •     4.5   (1,820)

Langkawi Art in Paradise 3D Museum, hailed as the largest 3D art museum in Malaysia and second largest in the world, features more than 200 impressive artworks that appear almost lifelike when photographed.

14.7 km

Langkawi Sky Bridge

  •     4.6   (15,321)

Langkawi Sky Bridge is a 125-metre (410 ft) curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge in Langkawi. The bridge deck is located 660 metres (2,170 ft) above sea level, hanging high up in the sky and soaking in the exhilarating views of mountains and the sea below.

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