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Chamang Waterfall    

  33, C136, Jalan Chamang, 28700, Bentong, Pahang |   017-366 6223

Places Near To Chamang Waterfall

5.8 km

Bentong Gallery

  •     4.3   (398)

Bentong Gallery exhibits the historical artifacts, cultural stories and places of attraction in Bentong. It serves as the "One-Stop, Must-Stop" tourists center in Bentong.

6.1 km

Lata Hammer (Perting) Waterfall

  •     4.3   (66)

Perting Waterfall (Lata Hammers) is a hidden gem of waterfall in the bentong area. This waterfall pours into an Olympic-sized pool, and is one of the most beautiful that can be found near KL.

8.2 km

The Waterway Villa

  •     4.2   (619)

The Waterway Villa is set amidst in the peaceful and tranquil tropical forest of Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. The resort serves as a fantastic family retreat from the city’s tropical heat and embraces the beauty of the nature.

10.2 km

Japanese Village Bukit Tinggi

  •     3.8   (1,547)

Escape with your family into a tranquil and serene ambience which is the Japanese Village. Let the relaxing gurgling sounds of the waterfalls and brooks soothe you and melt away your troubles.

11.7 km

Kolam Air Panas (Public Hot Spring) Bentong

  •     3.5   (951)

Surrounded by a rainforest the resort in Bentong, the public hot spring is perfect for those in need of a rejuvenating and healing retreat soaking in the geothermal hot spring pool.

11.7 km

ēRYAbySURIA Private Hot Spring Bentong

  •     3.7   (1,564)

Situated in the surroundings of an invigorating rainforest, the resort offers a hot spring pool to float and soak in rusty, mineral-rich water, warmed to the perfect temperature with fresh, hot water channelled directly from the hot springs.

13.0 km

Rabbit Farm Bukit Tinggi

  •     3.0   (1,443)

A small petting farm where children can pet and feed rabbits, guinea pigs and deers. They also offers donkey rides.

14.2 km

Lentang Forest Reserve

  •     3.9   (1,207)

A recreational forest reserve at Bukit Tinggi, with Benus river running across the whole rainforest area, forming beautiful pools, cascades and waterfalls, completed with various facilities for visitors.

16.5 km

Sungai Chiling Fish Sanctuary and Waterfall

  •     4.4   (493)

Sungai Chiling is a waterfall and fish sanctuary at the foothills of Fraser's Hill. The picturesque nature destination, managed by the state fisheries department, is an ideal stop-by for those en route to Bukit Fraser.

16.7 km

Sungai Kedondong Recreational Forest

  •     4.2   (826)

A Recreational Forest located alongside the road from Batang Kali to Gohtong Jaya, with rich flora and fauna, and a nice chilling waterfall at the upstream of the park.

17.3 km

Bilut Extreme Park

  •     4.4   (221)

Bilut Extreme Park offers a different and unique ATV(All-terrain-vehicle) tour by providing a new way to explore the natural wonderlands of Bentong while enjoying a fun and safe ride through real untamed rain forest.

18.6 km

Hulu Tamu Hot Springs

  •     4.0   (688)

Hulu Tamu Hot Spring is a modest natural hot spring about seven KM from Batang Kali town in the Hulu Selangor district of Selangor State.

19.1 km

Coniferous Forest

  •     4.0   (487)

One of the recreational spots in the western part of Lantang Forest Reserve, Coniferous Forest is famous for its lush greenery and scenic routes.

19.4 km

Riverside Janda Baik

  •     4.1   (1,023)

Riverside Janda Baik sits on a 3 acre land and it provides visitors with recreational facilities for family picnic, camping and a accommodation in the form of chalet.

  • 1