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Cherok Tokun Nature Park (National forest)    

  Jalan Kolam, Kampung Teluk Bukit, 14000, Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang

Places Near To Cherok Tokun Nature Park (National forest)

235 m

Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest

  •     4.8   (1,135)

The recreational forest covers 37 hectares, and is located 457 meters above sea level. Visitors can hike and enjoy the spectacular view of a dam and slightly cooler breeze.

2.4 km

Berapit Hill Bukit Mertajam

  •     4.4   (250)

A beautiful hill with hiking trails that lies in the northern flank of Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest. It is one of the best hiking spots in Seberang Perai that features beautiful temples on top and amazing paranomic view over the BM town.

4.5 km

Mengkuang Dam

  •     4.5   (731)

Situated to the north east of Butterworth in Malaysia, Mengkuang dam is a very scenic location, with breathtaking lake view against hills as the backdrop. Recreational activities are offered by the park near the dam area.

8.9 km

Frog hills

  •     4.3   (533)

Originated from an abandoned quarry in Kampung Guar Petai, resides an astonishing piece of nature, deemed as the smaller version of China’s well-known Jiuzhaigou. Behold, a hidden den of beautiful turquoise-blue lake water, intertwining with a scenic view of red dusty land – the Frog Hill of Penang.

11.5 km

Air Hitam Dalam Educational Forest

  •     4.0   (315)

Fresh water mangrove forest where 2 rivers formed a confluence wetland. It is the "Oasis" for wild birds in the hinterland, with more than 150 species of birds for birding fans.

11.6 km

Penang Bird Park

  •     4.0   (1,498)

Established since 1988, the 5-acre park sits on the mainland portion of Penang State, has a collection of more than 300 species of birds from all over the world, of which more than 150 species are of Malaysian Species.

14.2 km

Aspen Vision City Central Island Park

  •     4.1   (514)

Visiting Ikea Batu Kawan? Make sure to drop by this beautiful 25-acre Garden park, themed with 4 seasons of flora and fauna. It serves as the green lung of Aspen Vision City, and a great place for Batu Kawan visitors to unwind.

14.8 km

Butterworth Art Walk

  •     4.1   (769)

The mural scene at Seberang Perai, the Butterworth Art Walk is a product of Penang’s vibrant artists and the state’s rich history. With its eye-catching murals and installations, it aims to educate visitors about the mainland’s colourful past.

18.1 km

Wonder Food Museum

  •     4.6   (4,532)

Visit the Wonderfood Museum in Penang and see a variety display of local food in Malaysia. The one-of-a-kind museum consists of three sections that include the Info Zone, Wow Zone, and Educational Zone, displaying over 100 types of popular street food and local dishes.

18.1 km

Magic World Penang

  •     4.2   (1,011)

A small scale magic exhibition with a combination of magic & illusion tricks. Want to learn more magic tricks and become a Magician? This is a place you should visit!

18.2 km

Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

  •     4.3   (4,268)

Art museums where exhibits are brought to ‘LIFE’ with 3D painting, shading, and drawing technique. Trick and be tricked with more than 40 optical illusion paintings and sculptures!

18.6 km

Armenian Park

  •     4.4   (311)

Armenian Park is an open green space that provides an oasis in the heart of the island's heritage zone. With green lawns, pedestrian walkways, benches and landscape gardens, it is a great place for activities or just to take a break while exploring the city.

18.7 km

Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park

  •     4.5   (592)

The 2.53-acre Sia Boey Urban Archaeological Park is a rejuvenated and rehabilitated park serving as a green lung in the middle of Georgetown. Surrounded by trees, shrubs and bushes, the beautiful community park has significant historical value because of its location, canal and market hall.

18.8 km

Upside Down Museum Penang

  •     4.2   (4,678)

Experience the FIRST of its kind in the world, challenge your visual and balancing by turning your ordered life topsy-turvy with the interior and exterior!

19.0 km

Dark Mansion - 3D Glow In The Dark Museum

  •     3.8   (1,542)

DARK MANSION, proudly presents itself as the FIRST Glow-In-The-Dark Museum in Malaysia. Taking one step beyond the existing 3D art painting techniques, Dark Mansion presents a new dimension of 3D art by incorporating the amazing glow-in-the-dark effect into the 3D paintings and artworks.

19.1 km

Penang House of Music

  •     4.7   (189)

Museum that tells the stories & sings the sounds of Penang: with a curation of Penang's popular music heritage with faithful depictions of the era.

19.1 km

Tech Dome Penang

  •     4.4   (803)

Explore, discover & experience science at Penang's 1st Science Discovery Centre (KOMTAR, Georgetown). 150+ interactive exhibits & countless hours of fun in this Dome-shaped museum.

19.2 km

The Top Penang

  •     4.3   (4,528)

Climb to the top of the tallest building in Penang and experience the thrill of looking down on the city from the height of 249 meters above the earth. The Window of The Top is an open deck on the 68th floor that offers you a truly unique 360° view of Penang’s urbanscapes and presents you with one-of-a-kind photo taking opportunities.

19.2 km

Rainbow Skywalk

  •     4.7   (2,357)

Ever wonder what a bird’s eye view of Penang is like? The Rainbow Skywalk and Observatory Deck offer stunning seamless views of George Town and beyond. A stunning view at night too!

19.2 km

Dino Gym

  •     4.4   (97)

Let your kids loose in this dinosaur-inspired gym for the little ones where they can exercise – both their bodies and minds – and have lots of fun along the way!