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Cheng Ho's Cultural Museum, Melaka    

  Muzium Budaya Cheng Ho, 51, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200, Melaka, Melaka |   06-283 1135

Places Near To Cheng Ho's Cultural Museum, Melaka

142 m

History and Ethnography Museum

  •     4.3   (291)

Located within the famous Stadthuys building, this museum focuses on the city's fascinating history and ethnography. Exhibits include a recreation of a rumak Melaka (traditional Melekan house), dioramas of cultural ceremonies and displays of traditional costumes and music.

217 m

Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum

  •     4.4   (1,498)

A living museum that showcases the local history of ethnic Chinese-Malays called Baba-Nyonya or Peranakan in Melaka. The museum displays artifacts of the Baba-Nyonya descendants, and is known for its well-preserved and elaborate woodwork, furniture, and porcelain.

289 m

Governor's Museum Melaka

  •     3.5   (25)

Also known as Muzium Yang di-Pertua Negeri Melaka, this is a small-scale museum complex, which used to be an actual former residence of previous Melaka Governors, from Dutch colony era to post independence period. The museum exhibits the lifestyles and belongings of Melaka Gorvernors.

292 m

Malaysia Architecture Museum

  •     4.5   (91)

The museum traces the history of architecture in Malaysia from its early beginnings right up to the modern hi-tech skyscrapers of today. It describes how the infusion of Chinese, Indian, Arab and European influences have helped create some of the country’s most unique styles and designs.

323 m

Muzium Islam Melaka

  •     4.0   (55)

The Melaka Islamic Museum showcases artifacts and historical documents related to Islam religion, all housed within buildings designed in traditions of Islamic art and local craftsmanship.

335 m

Melaka River Park and Cruise

  •     4.3   (7,335)

Make the most out of your visit to Malacca with a river cruise. Take on a 40-45 minutes boat ride to enjoy the scenic view along the Melaka river and the historical buildings and villages by the shore. An evening ride will allow you to spectate the colorful LED illumination of the buildings, bridges and other attractions along the river.

340 m

Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum

  •     4.5   (1,821)

Also known as the Muzium Kebudayaan (Cultural Museum), The Museum is a modern reconstruction of the palace of the Melaka Sultanate. It showcases the artifacts and history of the Malacca Royal rulers, and the palace they used to live in.

367 m

Museum of Royal Malaysian Customs Department

  •     4.5   (126)

A hidden gem to have a short history about the Malaysian customs department. It is free, usually not crowded, and visitors get to see some of the confiscated items plus tools used in days long gone.

443 m

Museum Samudera (Flor de La Mar)

  •     4.1   (3,729)

Also known as the Maritime Museum, the museum was constructed as a replica of the Portuguese ship which sank in the coast of Malacca while on its way to Portugal. The museum houses exhibits, artifacts and documents from the golden era of Malacca.

739 m

Illusion 3D Art Museum Melaka

  •     4.1   (628)

This unique art museum has over 38 pieces of hand painted 3D art paintings for you to explore and take pictures with as if you are a part of it Experience the interactive award winning Inde’s Augmented Reality video contents where you can shoot your own movie! Bring your whole family for a fun and one of a kind outing.

748 m

Upside Down House Melaka

  •     3.5   (1,898)

Also known as "Rumah Terbalik Melaka", this is a unique exhibition space within Malacca City, where visitors can step into an inverted version of a modern Malaysian house.

796 m

The Shore Oceanarium

  •     4.1   (3,003)

The first aquarium in Malaysia to give you a 3D experience through special 3D glasses. Get up close and come nose-to-nose with thousands of amazing creatures like star fish, clownfish, stingrays, sharks and more!

828 m

Sky Tower Melaka

  •     4.3   (2,698)

Experience a truly captivating experience of overviewing the city of Malacca. The Shore Sky Tower is the tallest man made structure in Malacca City where its 43rd floor has an observation deck that gives you a fantastic view of Malacca.

3.3 km

Melaka State Library

  •     4.2   (81)

A historical public library established since 1881, the state library has multiple sections for a comprehensive selection of literatures, and it also provides additional services like child learning, press and publication, e-library, mobile and Wi-Fi services.

4.3 km

Toy Museum Melaka

  •     3.8   (66)

Walk through this amazing place where you can let your imagination stretch. The astonishing diversity of rare toys and collectibles ensure enormous enjoyment that stirs one's curiosity. Go back in time and relish the good times at the movies, from sci-fi to classic adventures, action superheroes vs monstrous mega villians.

5.3 km

The Huskitory Melaka

  •     4.6   (2,345)

Welcome to The Huskitory. From petting, cuddling, hugging to feeding and even take an awesome group photo or selfie with the Siberian Husky, and taking time out in our Champions Gallery , The Huskitory is a place called Paradise in the buzzling world heritage city of Malacca.

5.9 km

Melaka Submarine Museum

  •     3.9   (1,676)

Have you even stepped into a submarine before? Here's your chance to do it, this museum is an actual decommissioned submarine turned into exhibition. Visitor can walk from front to end of this 67.6 meters submarine to explore how a submarine works.

6.7 km

Klebang Beach

  •     4.1   (5,252)

The main beach attraction in Melaka shore, Pantai Klebang offers families and beach goers with a great spot for beach picnics, kite flying, with the convenience of food trucks and eateries, famous for their coconut shakes.

7.0 km

Zoology cafe

  •     4.2   (178)

Meet the reptiles, meerkats and many more wildlife at Zoology Cafe Coffee shop. More than a pet cafe, this is a petting cafe where you can meet wildlife from up close!

8.3 km

Bayou Lagoon Park Resort, Melaka

  •     3.6   (6,511)

A spacious resort-style service apartments, featuring an exclusive water park for kids and families.